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What The Bottled Water Industry Can Teach You About Marketing

When you really stop to think about it, it is pretty astounding that people are willing to pay money for a product that they can get for free. However, that is precisely what happens with bottled water. Thanks to the following marketing strategies, water bottlers have convinced people to buy water even if they have perfectly fine tap water at home:


  1. Appearances matter.

If you look at the label on any bottle of water, chances are, you will see a beautiful blue color with pictures of a stunning mountain range or water trickling from a stream. Although some bottled water does come from natural springs, some of it is just tap water that has been decontaminated. It just goes to show that the right image can go a long way toward changing people’s perception of what they are buying.


  1. Have customers engage their senses.

By encouraging customers to focus in on what the water actually taste like, companies have been able to successfully convince people that the water they are drinking is better than other types of water. Ironically, when customers participate in blind taste tests that pit bottled water against tap water, the tap water often comes out ahead. It is not so much the actual flavor of the water that matters. Instead, it is the fact that people are expecting bottled water to taste better because of marketing.


  1. Make your product seem elite or high-class.

Perrier is probably the best-known example of this. This bottled water was originally marketed as a sign of wealth. Once people had the perception that drinking a bottle of Perrier was classy and sophisticated, people from middle-class families also chose to enjoy it. As the cost of bottled water came down and more companies entered the market, prices fell to the point that bottled water is something that the vast majority of people are now able to afford.


  1. Highlight the convenience factor.

Trying to find a drinking fountain or another place where water is available to the public can be difficult. Bringing a bottle of your own water, on the other hand, ensures that you have something to drink no matter where you are. The convenience factor associated with bottled water is one of the primary reasons that people choose to bring it with them when they are out and about.


  1. Promote your product as a healthy option.

Instead of trying to convince people that bottled water is better than tap water, it is much easier to convince them that it is better than soda or other flavored beverages. This can be a highly effective marketing strategy. Most people are concerned about their health. If you can provide them with a healthy alternative to other beverages that they drink, they may be inclined to buy your products.


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