How To Motivate Employees

There are two very good reasons why a business owner should invest in motivating their employees, and they work in unison. By motivating employees, you will get them to perform at the best of their ability, and you’ll be enriching their lives by making them feel better about themselves. Motivation is a very strong tool everyone can benefit from, so why not use it? Just like you try to perform at your full potential, shouldn’t employees get the same chance?


In order to be a good motivator, you need to focus on certain areas. These areas consist of:


– Clear Communication with Employees

– Extended Training Options

– Gratitude

If you combine these three elements, you can be the best motivator your business world has ever seen. But how do you put these elements in motion?


  1. Communicating with Clarity


Employees, especially new ones, need you to be direct about their duties. You also need to be clear about what you expect from them. When you interview someone, make sure they understand the requirements before you hire them. And after they are hired, remind them of these requirements on a regular basis. Naturally, you can scale back after some time, but don’t make the mistake of generalizing an order. Employees work so much better when they know exactly what you want from them.


  1. Basic Training And Extended Training Options


You can’t expect an employee to perform at their best if they’re not properly trained to do the job. And ultimately, you only have yourself to blame if this is the case. If the job requires specific training, make sure the new employee gets it before putting him or her on the spot.


As for extended training options, don’t be scared to offer your employees additional courses. In other words, you’ll pay if they want to do a course that can benefit the company as well. Incentives like these will remind employees they are moving forward, and not stuck in the same place for 20 years.


  1. Don’t Doubt Employees


Mistakes happen, and they will continue to happen until the end of time. And just because an experienced employee made a stupid mistake, doesn’t mean they are on the war path to sabotage your business. Instead, have confidence that they will learn from their mistakes. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and they will go the extra mile for you.


  1. Show Some Gratitude


One of the strongest ways to build motivation is by showing gratitude, even when it’s for something the person was hired to do. Employees need to know they are valued by the company, and their contribution is making a difference towards success.


And this includes every single employee, from the security-guard and front desk reception to the guys at back loading the trucks. Make a point of it to show everyone some gratitude every now and then. Here is a good post on the matter from IFDS.


  1. Make The Workplace Efficient And Comfortable


Buying office furniture isn’t just about sticking to the budget and being as practical as possible. Instead, you want to make the office more efficient. And you do this by keeping employee experience in mind. These are the people that have to spend most of the day in the office, so make it a little more relaxing.


This can be done in several ways, such as decorating the walls with interesting paintings and making workspaces more open and cozy.

  1. Encourage Initiative


Nothing makes a business owner more proud than when employees can handle situations without guidance, especially if they’ve never handled the situation before. Employees that take initiative are the ones who will ask questions and show interest in their job. It’s your job to encourage their questions and learning process, otherwise, they won’t learn efficient independence.


  1. Mutual Respect


If you don’t respect employees, they won’t respect you. It really is as black and white situation, which means you need to keep in mind the way you address employees. Do you talk to them in a way you want to be spoken to? Because these are still people, and a salary can never buy respect at any means.


In fact, employees are known to search for lesser paying jobs, simply because they don’t get the respect they need.


  1. Celebrate As A Team


When things are going well for the company, let everybody know and celebrate in some small way. Whether it’s with an extra 30 minutes for lunch or a cake everyone can enjoy throughout the day, there are many ways you can celebrate together.

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