Hector Sosa Flores Lists the World’s Most Valuable Minerals

Minerals are some of the most valuable substances on Earth. Ranging from such beautiful stones as jadeite and black opal, minerals have value as decorative objects and as industrial ingredients. Minerals are highly sought-after stones and metals which provide a great deal of enjoyment to the people who own them. Hector Sosa Flores, a mining entrepreneur, describes the top 10 most expensive minerals and gives examples of how they are used today and throughout history.

  • Lithium

Lithium is an incredibly valuable material due to its wide variety of industrial and medicinal uses. Lithium-ion batteries power many of the electronic devices that we rely on every day. Lithium medications help people with severe mental illness. Lithium has few decorative uses, but it is a valuable mineral worth about $70,000 per ton.

  • Rhodium

Rhodium is a rare metal which provides a valuable ingredient to many alloys with platinum and palladium. It is silvery white in color and highly ornamental. Rhodium is the rarest member of the platinum group. Rhodium is worth approximately $35,000 per kilogram.

  • Platinum

Platinum, like rhodium, is a highly useful mineral for both jewelry and industrial uses. Platinum forms an important part of electronics manufacturing. It is also used in catalytic converters and dentistry equipment. Platinum’s value is approximately $29,900 per kilogram.

  • Gold

It may surprise people who are not familiar with metals and minerals that gold is not the most valuable mineral in the world. Most commercial gold mining in this century has happened in China. Gold is not only decorative, but it is also used in tech industry medical and as an investment. The demand for gold is constantly rising while the quantity available has reduced. This means that gold producers can set a high price for this mineral. Gold is worth about $40,000 per kilogram.

  • Diamond

Diamonds are made of pure carbon which has been heated and pressurized over millions of years. With a variety in color and texture, diamonds have important industrial uses as well as their decorative use in jewelry. Black diamond is most commonly used in industrial applications. Large, clear diamonds are worth approximately $1,400 per carat.

  • Blue Garnet

Blue garnets were discovered in the 1990s in Madagascar. This stone is valuable due to its beauty and rarity. It changes color depending on the light, and it can range from greenish blue to purple. Blue garnet is worth about $1,500 per carat.

  • Black Opal

Most of the black opals in the world are mined in Australia. These beautiful stones are the rarest of the opal family, with dark stone and vibrantly colorful accents. Technically, opal is a mineraloid, meaning that it has less of a defined internal structure than other minerals. Black opals are worth up to $11,400 per carat.

  • Ruby

Ruby is a variety of corundum, the mineral name for aluminum oxide. This vivid red stone is highly sought after for jewelry use. Pure rubies are highly valuable and are priced at approximately $15,000 per carat.

  • Painite

Painite is similar to a ruby in appearance, but it is much more valuable at $55,000 per carat. It was discovered in Myanmar in the mid-1950s. Since it is so rare, it has not often been used in decorative applications.

  • Jadeite

With a deep history in China, jadeite is one of the most valuable minerals in the world. Jade was also used historically by the Olmecs and Mayas in Mexico and by the original inhabitants of Costa Rica. Jadeite ranges from white to lavender, with the most valuable variety a deep emerald green. Jadeite can be purchased at the staggering price of $3 million per carat.

The World of Minerals

Hector Sosa Flores encourages the study of minerals and how they can impact the world of business. These beautiful and useful substances can be important parts of an industrial application or be used in expensive jewelry and decorations. Investment in minerals is another important way of securing your money, since prices do not tend to fluctuate from year to year and there are limited supplies available.

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