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We Called Tim Starnes, Ethereal Crack’s CEO – Here’s What Happened.

Tim Starnes is a man of many faces, and loves the outrageous. We talked with him for a bit on what is going on behind the scenes at his new company, Ethereal Crack.


Us: Tell us a little about yourself.

Tim: As my twitter bio says, founder & executive producer at Ethereal Crack, playwright, screenwriter, game designer, humorist, history enthusiast, director, impresario, editor, and serial madman.


Us: What inspired you to launch this company?

Tim: Like all of my business ventures, it started with a joke – “Oh, yeah, let’s start the Waxhaw Ghost Tour! Ha-Ha!” Now you see where it has gotten me…


Us: We’ve seen that you are a private consultant as well? What type of businesses do you help?

Tim: My expertise lies in small businesses of any spectrum, nonprofits, and tourism agencies/attractions. My services lie anywhere from assisting with marketing strategies to business plan creation – I have a special extension on my nonprofit side as well, where I assist nonprofits with toxic or dysfunctional board of directors setups.

Ethereal Crack  

Us: Back on topic, what’s the deal with the name Ethereal Crack?

Tim: The name goes back to my roots as a playwright, where I have a proven two-part naming system. Select one “normal” word and combine it with another outlandish word, sometimes in a nonsensical combination, and you have a name that nobody will ever forget.

Ethereal = Extremely light or delicate, too perfect.

Crack = A sharp or explosive noise / to break or split / very good at a specific activity.

Following these combined definitions, it simply means that we create great tourist attractions – and like I said, you’ll never forget that name, and neither will anybody else who hears it.


Us: We’ve seen some interviews you’ve done, you say your ghost tours aren’t like any other. Is this true? How can it really be that different?

Tim: Well, to truly know, you’ll have to go on one!

Here are some points:

  • We’ve done away with the tacky costumes, funny electronics, and scare tactics. Our tour guides are professionals with no alternate agenda. We’re here to teach you about local ghosts and legends, paranormal science based in fact, and to preserve our national heritage and folklore, not share goofy paranormal hysteria or claim we’ve seen things.
  • We’re the first and original small town ghost tour company. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, we’ve pioneered the small town ghost tour. Before us no company on our scale has operated ghost tours in unexpected places.

Even our employees feel the benefits. We offer some of the highest pay rates in the ghost tour industry, flexible work schedule, local positions, improvement and certification opportunities, and provide some great benefits.


Us: Where can we get tickets and see your locations?

Tim: Visit


Us: What’s this coming year going to be like for Ethereal Crack?

Tim: We have a big year coming up. Our ghost tours will be going through their one-year rebranding to their most up-to-date form through the winter, our staff will be attending a company-wide improvement seminar, through the winter our Victorian teahouse will come permanently online, and our upcoming special, unannounced, attraction will be opening in June.

Over the next few months we will be completing many new distribution deals with ticket providers, as well. Travelers from all over the world will get the chance to experience our ghost tours.

We are firmly on track to become the United States’ leader in ghost tours and paranormal-themed family attractions.


Us: Where can we find you? What’s coming up for you personally?

Tim: You can find me on our company twitter and facebook accounts, and website.

Twitter: @etherealcrack
Facebook: Ethereal Crack
LinkedIn: Timothy Starnes

I’m working on some new stageplay releases, two interactive video game projects, and am currently in conversations with card game publishers to release my first card game.

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