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Tom Gionis Explains How Technology Has Simplified the Process of Becoming a Travel Influencer

Travel is an experience that broadens the mind and brings a person valuable wisdom that they would not have learned at home. While exploring the world’s most beautiful locations, travelers are able to interact with people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. This personal interaction with the people of the world is incredibly valuable.

Today’s high-tech world means that it is much easier to document and share your travels. Making, editing, and publishing via social media, blog posts, and videos is easy, and many people are beginning to share their travel adventures online. Some travelers are able to make a living from this activity.

Tom Gionis, a television director and world traveler, explores some of the ways in which technology has evolved to help world travelers share their experiences with a broader audience.

Video Capabilities

Today’s advanced smartphones have the capability to record 4K video, making video production much easier for the average traveler. Using a smartphone with an optional tripod and sound recording equipment means that a traveler can put together high-quality videos of their explorations and satisfy their audience.

Portable video cameras can also record high-quality 4K video. These cameras have more features than the average smartphone camera, and they are recommended for the experienced videographer.

These videos can easily be edited on a laptop, or even with smartphone apps. Most experienced video producers use laptops or desktop computers to edit their work because the speed and accuracy of the editing are much better.

Photo Advances

One of the keys to creating engaging content online is taking excellent photos. The average world traveler can learn to take great pictures using online courses, books, or lessons from a professional. The principles of composition are not difficult to learn, and photographic techniques to make your work look better are easy to access.

Social Media

These photos can easily be shared on social media, building interest for your online content. Social media is a great way to create a buzz for yourself using viral content. Photos and videos are both integral parts of the social media experience. Advanced technology helps to bring beautiful photos and videos to the average viewer’s attention.

If you work hard to receive exposure for your photos and videos, you may be able to get enough YouTube views to make a name for yourself. You may also become a social media influencer, meaning that you are paid or otherwise compensated for helping other companies with their promotions. Combining these revenue streams can help world travelers fund their own activities.

Choosing Global Locations

When choosing locations for your travel, think about how they will present on video. The blue skies and sparkling waters of Greece are a particularly good choice. Tom Gionis has documented his trips to Greece and has shared his impressions of the country with his followers.

When looking for locations, consider the natural beauty of the area. Take a good look at natural areas around the city where you want to travel. Research how other people have showcased this area in their travel photos and videos and try to make a different spin on their ideas. This will help you make your ideas stand out.

Architecture is another great item to focus on. Churches, castles, temples, and seaside villages provide many diverse views. Taking photos and videos of architecture takes some practice, but it will be a rewarding activity.

Cultural Interactions

Another way to increase the value of your travel videos is by interviewing local residents. If you speak the language, it makes it much easier to find people to interview, but you will find that more people in the world speak English than you realize. Getting the locals’ perspective on their favorite sights, restaurants, and shops can lead you to better locations for your photos and videos.

Cultural and religious festivals can also make amazing videos and photos. You will need to make sure that you are respectful of local traditions when you take your videos or photos. Religious processions, services, festival days, and observances help to express community spirit.


Today’s faster Internet connections also make it easier to share videos and post them to YouTube. When 5G is rolled out around the world, it will be even easier to post nearly instantly.

Making World Travel into a Career

If you work hard at creating your social media and online following, you may be able to transform your travel hobby into a way of making a living. Many people like Tom Gionis have been able to share their work with a wide audience.

Taking advantage of today’s high-tech recording and video equipment is a good way to enhance your online reputation. When you travel the world, you will be able to enjoy yourself while educating the traveling public.

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