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Tips From Robert Butchike To Make Your Next Visit To Edmonton Unforgettable

Robert Butchike is a native of Edmonton, Canada. As a Travel Writer, he loves showcasing his hometown to those who may want to visit.

Previous explorers are still searching for ways to explain their experiences in Edmonton, and words fail them, so, for now, they say DIFFERENT.

If you’re searching for the definition and expression of love at first glance, new sights that will remain forever etched in your mind, memories that will give you a thousand and one stories and captions, or only inspiration for your work, Edmonton awaits you; the different city that surfs on prairies. Things are a little bit different in Edmonton, but no one goes exploring only to find things they already knew or had, Edmonton is the thrill every human should experience once in their lives.

Here are a few tips on getting started in Edmonton that will be sure to leave you wanting to come back soon!


Vikings; No Myth, Just Legend

You’ve read about the legends who redefined exploring, trading, and farming, the great men and women who rewrote history. Row a Viking ship, ditch your fears, wield your sword and explore the generation of Vikings.

Regarded by Explore Edmonton as the largest touring exhibition of Viking artifacts in the world. It’s an interactive live experience like no other anywhere in the planet. Experience history brought back to life.

Arcadia Bar

Calories do not count during vacations.

Local drinks and food are an initiation into a new culture, revel in fresh delicacies, and reject your old menus. Arcadia Bar on 124th street and 109th avenue support local Albertan breweries by serving only Alberta craft beer. Arcadia is the avenue “where two true hearts, minds and melodies belong,” so you know you’ll always find a welcoming atmosphere (and a great pint). It all comes together with local artists, local musicians, and vegetarian & vegan pizzas.

The Almanac

Home is where the heart is, and so is the ALmanac, located right in the middle of Old Strathcona, The Almanac is a locally owned bistro influenced by continental European dishes and prohibition era cocktails. From the kitchen to the bar, the Almanac loves taking classic recipes and putting a spin on it, giving a taste and twist unique only to them. The bar offers a variety of wine, craft beers, cocktails, and various drinks sure to please every palate. Like the restaurant, ambiance, and food, they like to showcase quality ingredients and deliver well-executed drinks.

Outdoor Markets

You didn’t leave the comfort of your city to visit another supermarket, unbox your sandals, let your hair down and get ready. A convergence of the entirety of Edmonton. You’ve gotten a feel of the restaurants and the adventurous spots; now it’s time to meet everyone else. The outdoor markets will show you everything Edmontonians love about basking in the sun, visiting summer—food trucks, mixing food and live entertainment all while purchasing fresh local produce, unique pieces of clothing and much more.

100 Street Funicular

You might never get to see all of Edmonton in one trip or lifetime, but you can take in the sights and sounds of Edmonton’s River Valley as you ride along the bank in a glass-walled elevator. This less than a minute long ride leads you to the boulevard of your dreams and favorite movies down the hill where you can have a picnic, take pictures for those back home, read a book, or simply bask in the view of the river valley.

The Nightlife

Edmonton at night crawls with bars, clubs, and people making their way to after-hours parties. If you’re open to exploring the nightlife, some of the best places to enjoy are the Bower, Union Hall, Black Dog, Cook County Saloon, Avenue Downtown, Gas Pump, and Envy Nightclub.

Redefinition of Segway

There are various ways to see Edmonton, some prefer to take in the city while casually cruising down the block on a Segway, as a guide shares some of Edmonton’s natural history and wonders along the way.

According to Skyscanner; Edmonton is the perfect partner for a short vacation, holiday, or a permanent change of location, there’s a lot to see and even more to do. Take a walk through history as you tour the living history museum, or sing along with the biggest musical acts in the world in a state-of-the-art arena, there’s no shortage of things to do in Edmonton that will make the artist in you jump in inspiration.

Journey through some of the hottest craft beer taprooms, hyper-local bistros and indie bakeries in this part of the world, you might forget briefly, but your tastebuds and pictures will thank you. Come one, come all and explore the unwritten beauty that is Edmonton. Your bucket list starts right here.

You either go big, or you go Edmonton.

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