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An Interview With Ian Filippini; A Travel Expert, Entrepreneur and Writer

SweetStartups: Today we are privileged to have Mr. Ian Filippini with us. Mr. Ian is a travel expert and writer. He will share with us about his life general and of course his first love; traveling. Mr. Ian welcome.


Ian Filippini: Thank you for inviting me here today.


SweetStartups: Welcome and feel at home. Please tell us more about yourself.

Ian Filippini: I currently live in Santa Barbara, California. I was lucky to be brought up in Pebble Beach, California. Due to the exposure, I had while growing up; I have gained vast knowledge in insurance, tax and real estate. This experience has enabled me to run Filippini Wealth Management Company. From the analysis, we derive the goals of the client and ensure that we implement the same. The company is situated in Westlake Village and Montecito both in California. I love traveling a lot and am also a travel writer. In short, I can describe myself as a traveling enthusiast, Travel writer, and an entrepreneur.


SweetStartups: How long have you been a traveler or travel writer?

Ian Filippini: I have been a travel writer for some years now. The best part about being a travel writer is having completely free or close to free travel perks. Also, I get an opportunity to try something new and share the same with the readers.


SweetStartups: What inspired you to start traveling?

Ian Filippini: I enjoy traveling. I follow it as if it were my lifestyle. Honestly, my desire to travel began many years back while on a trip to Sweden. I fell in love with Sweden. There is so much to see.


SweetStartups: You do a lot of travel writing about Santa Barbara. Please tell us more about it.

Ian Filippini: First and foremost, Santa Barbara is a great place to visit and live. I say this because the place has a lot of exciting things to see, eat and do. There are many excellent restaurants with great meals and one is spoilt for choice. Some of these restaurants are Simpson House Inn, Mesa Verde Restaurant, Upham Hotel, Tamira Indian Restaurant and Lure Fish House. I must add that apart from the fresh local seafood, I also love the atmosphere and décor of the place. My best dish in Lure House Fish is the Wild Mahi Mahi and New England Clam Chowder.

In Santa Barbara, there are incredible places to visit. Examples of these places include beaches and museums. For example, Pismo Beach is an excellent place for a family get-away. You will enjoy watching the tides, swimming, building sand castles. If you are a lover of art, then Museum of Art is the place to be. The museum hosts different collections and events monthly. You can never run out of things, places and food to eat in Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara is an excellent place to visit!


SweetStartups: Favorite destination, and why?

Ian Filippini: My favorite destination is Sweden.

Sweden is a beautiful country that boasts of many attractions. I found the following things attractive on my visit. The colorful and distinctive underground, delicious food, the stunning coastline of the West Coast and Treehotel Harads. Treehotel comprises of six three houses. Visitors have a chance to sleep in a variety of structures from UFO to Bird’s Nest as they adore the scenes of River Lule.


SweetStartups: If you are getting ready to take a trip, what is typically in your suitcase?

Ian Filippini: When I am traveling, I like traveling light not packing up the whole house. Traveling light is appropriate. In my experience, it has helped me never disregard any essential travel requirement. This is especially the case when I am moving from one place to another.

Therefore my suitcase contains personal effects such as clothes, shoes, towel, toothpaste, and toothbrush. Mobile phone, maps and a camera (to capture those memorable moments when traveling). These are some of the items you would find in my suitcase when traveling.


SweetStartups: Top recommended place to travel in 2017, and why?

Ian Filippini: The top recommended place to travel this year would be The Caribbean. The white sandy beaches and blue seas are something not to miss out. The accommodations are suitable for your needs, festivals that celebrate the cultural differences, island hopping, watching the sunset, interacting with the locals and enjoy the local delicacies of the many communities in the Caribbean. If you are planning a get-away holiday with your family, this is the place to be.


SweetStartups: Thanks a lot for coming to share with us your experience as a travel expert.


Ian Filippini: Thank you for hosting me. I look forward to coming back and sharing more experiences.

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