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Tips to work as a freelance illustrator

Making a nice drawing is not all you need to do if you want to make a freelance illustration career. As a freelance illustrator, apart from making drawings, you have to promote yourself, contact art directors, handle your social media account, record your expenses and income, and maintain your presence!

Your to-do list is not just limited to these works. Since your tutor does not tell you all these things, you have to figure them out independently.

To help you out here, I have listed tips to work as a freelance illustrator!

Find out what you like- 

Most of the people start with an editorial illustration. If you want to become an art director, then this is an excellent area to start with. Also, you can make your portfolio and local magazine! One drawback of editorial illustration is that you get less paid.

Other areas, like the packaging as well as advertising, offer a bigger budget. Also, you can illustrate for books, stationery, product, and surface pattern…… make a good research about what you like!

If you choose an area that you don’t like, you will get demotivated before starting your career.

Start drawing

Now that you have figured out that what you like next step is to start drawing! As a freelance illustrator, you should be focused and work for commission. Create such illustrations that make the art director choose yours over other artists!

Put your ideas and efforts in your illustration in such a way that it impresses your clients. Also, keep practicing, because only practicing helps you to improve your drawings and illustrations!

Just make a list of what you are working on and put it on your notice board. Manage time and work accordingly!

Make a portfolio website- 

Freelance Illustrator

As soon as you complete your work, you are ready to show it to your audience through your website. Most artists upload their work on sites like Tumblr, but you shouldn’t do that, instead create your website.

Your professional so you should create your site, and you can do this on your own by using easy options like Squarespace Or WordPress! It is easy to start and run Squarespace to make your website. Let you work speak and get a custom domain name. Also, add your email and apply your email to your domain name!

At first, you may find it hard to maintain your website, but which time you will get used to it!

Start your business

Now that you have decided your goal, are ready with your drawings and your website, it’s time to start your business as a freelance illustrator. Create your profile as a freelance illustrator and get started. Start accepting works and managing to deliver the work on time to your clients!

Make sure that you work as a professional, deliver only high-quality illustrations to your clients. Also, make sure that before starting, you ask what your customers actually want and also ask the deadline.

Share your work on various platforms- 

You can drive traffic to your site through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, try making friends with other folks having the same interest. Make connections with other professional illustrators and be involved in discussions on a platform like Pinterest and Instagram.

Joining a community of professional illustrators will help you gain more customers, and you can also get a job in big companies.

It will be good to take pictures of your work in progress instead of just uploading finished pieces. When you upload finished work and the progress pictures, it gives an excellent impression to the audience about your work and the efforts you put into your work.

Start hustling- 

How to get actual work as a freelance illustrator? You can research the publishers, magazines, and studios that give commission to similar work as yours. This is an essential step, and you should get connected to Linkedin. Search for some important people offers a commission for your work.

Get organized- 

Once you get started with your business, you must remain busy doing work! Don’t just sit quite instead, keep doing new work. Set reminders and keep receipts and payslips with you. You can take the help of the organization to help planning what to do next!

Don’t rush- 

Being a successful freelance illustrator is not an easy game. You won’t become successful overnight!

Init to remain stable and make sure that you earn money regularly. This doesn’t mean that you will Rush to complete the work but make it within the given time period. When you are done, take some break!

Don’t work for free- 

Just try not to work for free. Most of the artist feel happy to give their work for free. You should not do this more often. This is because there are clients who have a budget but they are are not willing to spend it on freelance illustrators. They do it because they think it is not worth spending money.

But don’t waste time offering your illustrations for free. Your illustrations hold some value and time and hard work. In your free time, you can make illustrations for yourself. This way, you can explore your creativity!

Spec work is something important freelance illustrator. Spec work means a client ask for some concept or want to see your finished work to offer you the job. Sometimes it happens to step the blind as for a lot of work before giving you the job guarantee.

You don’t need a job like that where you have to give all of your time and effort and get paid less or no job guarantee!

So these are all about how you can get started and work as a freelance illustrator and get successful in this career. Even when I am not like those highly professional illustrators, I still hope that this post helped you get to some idea about how you can get started with freelance illustration!

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