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Nicolas Alyes, Founder of Dope! Gallery on Success, Art, and Takashi Murakami x Virgil Abloh Prints

In the past ten years, the contemporary art market has exploded online. We recently had the opportunity to interview Nicolas Alyes, Art Dealer. He is founder of Dope! Gallery. Read our interview below to learn more about his success.

. Please tell us about yourself and your business.

Hi, my name is Nicolas Alyes. I am the founder of Dope! Gallery, an online gallery. We specialize in offering a wide collection of urban and modern/contemporary pieces for purchase. Dope! features originals, prints, limited releases, exclusive skateboards, and toy sculptures. We even promote occasional art events. Some of the famous names we carry include, Banksy, Kaws, Murakami, and many others!

I am originally from France, where I started working as an art dealer for a variety of auction houses and galleries. I currently reside and work in Shanghai, China.

Nicolas Alyes
Photo Courtesy of: Nicolas Alyes

. How long have you been in business?

I founded Dope! in April 2014. It has been an amazing journey so far, and I am excited about growing and expanding it in the future.

. What inspired you to start Dope! Gallery?

I started Dope! Gallery to offer a platform for the vast amount talented artists all over the world. I also wanted to help connect art aficionados and collectors to artwork that inspires them. When you put those two factors together, you get Dope!

. What does a typical customer look like for Dope! Gallery?

Our typical customers are very diverse, it goes from the single time customer who want to add a nice print or sculpture to his living room to the advanced collector/dealer with who we will do many trades.

. What are some of the challenges you face in your industry?

Contemporary art is ever evolving. There is always something fresh, always something new in the modern art industry. Keeping an ear to the streets can be a challenge.

. How do you overcome this challenge?

Having offices in both London and here in Shanghai has allowed us to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on in many different scenes. We also have warehouses in Hong Kong as well as Japan. Lastly, we really value our network of artists, dealers and collectors, which is a vital part of what keeps us in the know.

. Your shop exhibits many different artists from all over the world; is the diversity in your collections intentional?

Thanks for noticing! I spent my formative years divided between French Polynesia and the Brittany region in France. I eventually found myself in Shanghai and through my travels, art has been the focal point in my journeys. I’ve always admired the broadness of artistic expression I’ve witnessed over the years, and my ultimate goal is to share many unique, multicultural artistic expressions that are out there.

. What are some pieces that you are most proud of?

Right now, our gallery is offering signed, limited edition prints by Takashi Murakami and designer, Virgil Abloh. I’m so excited to share these incredible pieces by two artists I deeply admire.

. Do you have any advice for creative entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself and your art out there! Art has a beautiful way of connecting people. If you create something, share it with the world. Someone in this world needs what only you can make!

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