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Music Sensation Mister Malachi Talks About Life and Success

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In the beginning:

Q: Please tell our readers about what got you started and what keeps you striving for more?
A. What got me started is just listening to music all the time and knowing that I love to do it what keeps me the most motivated to strive for more juice. Always feel like I can be some great in life but I really only see that happening with music so I have to make it.

Q. Everyone has life lessons we change from. What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?
A. I can’t really say which they specifically was like something that I had to overcome that really changed my life but I mean I would say more than anything you has to be the most recent which one’s the incarceration for 12 years that time gave me time to mow my craft as far as music become a musician learn how to play the guitar I learn a lot of things about people so it puts me in a great position to make it succeed and not be one of those people who believe that they have to take care of everybody around them because people most definitely didn’t take care of me when I needed them so it’s all about myself right now you know in my in my family you know the family that I chose so it’s it.

Q. If you can perform anywhere in the world, with anyone, who would it be and where?
A. If I can perform anywhere in the world in with who I would like to perform with Dru Hill I don’t even know where I say like London or something like always wanted to go to London so yeah I will say with Dru Hill in the biggest venue in London

Q. What advice would you give yourself as a kid?
A. The advice I would give myself as a kid would be to stay in school learn everything that I can about music theory learn as many instruments as possible when I was in my room doing nothing instead of hanging out with the wrong people just be doing music and to not be a follower not feel the need to be accepted by anyone or anything but myself

Q. Tells us about your products, and the services you offer. Include social media. 
A.My products well right now I got a project soon-to-be-released hopefully soon call guitars and bars this is my first project my career was put on hold for 12 years and I just was released from prison April 27th 2017 so you know how short of a time it is to try to get a career jumped off what I offer as an artist is number one The Listener to have multiple different aspects in different sounds when they hear my music there will be a lot of music that you know you would think starting out that is R&B and then you think like all this is hip hop but then you can hear it being played on the different type of radio station so I offer versatility and its highest form I also write songs so I am aspiring to be a songwriter as well and not can write about anything give me a Melody Beat song topic and I can write that the ways to view some of my material is by visiting you can connect with me on facebook @ Malachi Allen I’m also on SoundCloud @ Mister Malachi, I do appreciate you guys taking the time and having us on your business network. It’s been a pleasure.

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