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Interview With Creator, Dennis Mazza on: Urban Street Art, Success, and Not Being Afraid to Fail

One of our top picks for e-commerce startups in 2019, was launched in September 2017 out of his New York City location. Six months later, owner and creator, Dennis Mazza finds himself in San Diego California speaking at the Ignite business conference for entrepreneurs. His message is simple. Don’t be afraid to fail. if you are, you need to go find a job. Being an entrepreneur is not a Monday thru Friday thing. You work 7 days a week and even when you think its time to go to bed, you bring a paper and pen with you for the thoughts that wake you up in the middle of the night.

I sold me previous online business back in 2016 and instead of being happy about the financial good fortune it provided, I was miserable because I had no idea what to do with myself.

When you think about people like Bezos, Zuckerburg, Gates and all of the people we perceive as brilliant, none of them have to work anymore, but they need to challenge themselves every day or they’ll lose their minds.

The business model is an entrepreneurs euphoria. There is no inventory as all items are made on demand. The product selection? well, he lets social reaction decide on which products he offers, he just displays it to his niche audience.

How do you describe Ghetto Style in few words? is essentially an art gallery that blends the Hi-tech world of today with the uniqueness of Inner City street art. It’s a journey to places most will never visit and we’re just using the web to introduce those consumers to some of the coolest places in the world.


What is the biggest challenge you encountered while working to launch the company?

Convincing artists to come on board with me and allow us to commercialize their passion. Street art is very personal, it has a deep rooted meaning for the artist. I don’t want it to be about generating revenue, I want this to be a platform for their message.


What does the word Style means to you?

Interesting question because the word itself is both a noun and a verb. To me, style is uniqueness, it’s what makes you who you are. Its those little distinctive traits that make the manner in which you do something different than others.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Not sure, 5 years is a long time for me. I love New York, but the more time I spend away from here, the harder it is to want to come back. I’m getting tired of the long cold winters. Right now, I’m going to stay super focused on building the brand ……I’m good at what I do, but I’m only good when I’m all in, so its best for everybody around me when I just keep my head down and be creative.


What can you tell young entrepreneurs who are pursuing?

Don’t be the guy with a hundred ideas who never executes anything. I think that’s what always made me different from anyone else, I executed, whereas 99 out of 100 people just have the idea. I’d rather fail 10 times than sit at home and say to myself I wish I did that.

What are you most excited about at the moment?

Some of the promotional video we are doing for the brand has gone way beyond what I ever anticipated, I know some of my friends will get a kick out of the images and messages in the videos.

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