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Catching up With Kool Focus and His Latest Single

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Q. Tell our readers a bit about your background and how you got started in your career?

A. I was born in Chicago, raised in Lansing Michigan. I love all type of music not just HIP HOP and R&B. I use to just play having fun recording music in the basement. Then one day I decided to go to a real studio & get serious.

Q. Who are your favorite artists and how do they influence your music making?

A. My favorite artist was Do Or Die, Bone Thugs, & Three 6 Mafia coming up. They made me want to do music. But all types of music influence idea for my music.

Q. Everyone has life lessons we change from. What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?

A. One of my changes was to stop cussing in my music. & to stop cussing all together. I stopped it in my music no problem. But still catch my self cussing in some conversations or when I’m mad lol.

Kool Focus

Q. What advice would you give yourself as a kid?

A. To focus more on what I want to be in life. Instead of focusing on being in the street life.

Q. If you were to perform two songs in front of 50,000 people what would you perform and why?

A. My single Look Look & my new one (Pay Attention) that I ain’t really put out yet. The reason is cuz they fit in today’s music. & they very catchy & clubby.

Q. What your upcoming projects and how can people listen your music?

A. I just dropped a mixtape on DatPiff called Michigan Mode. Working on another one dropping next month called G-Code. That’s one site & they can check my music out on SoundCloud & ReverbNation.

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