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The Music School That’s Rockin’ Illinois

Everyone loves the guy in the movies who’s super talented, super cool and a dash of edgy. That
perfect combination that breeds an addictively awesome musician. Well, what if we told you that
there is a school in Illinois that literally has proven its ability to manifest those same rockstar
qualities within you, or your kids? Maybe it’s not exactly sugar, spice and everything nice, but
it’s something in their magic sauce that makes them and their students really special! They are
Bach To Rock Naperville!

Recently, they held their first ever VIP Open House: Influencer Social. This was a red carpet event that they produced to entertain and engage with the community. They had a live instructor band that put on an amazing show! They jammed out to their renditions of popular hits such as “This Love” by Maroon 5 and “Sugar We’re Goin Down” by Fall Out Boy! With flashing lights and a roaring audience, the instructor band were nothing short of a real rock concert.

Special Guests in the entertainment industry came out to support the VIP Open House: Influencer Social! Teen Miss Illinois, Alyssa Gallarneau, is a media personality and host of the radio broadcast “The Aly G Show.” She has been performing as a singer-songwriter and dancer her whole life, and hosting radio for a couple of years now. Egle is the definition of a modern-day CEO, with multimedia company, Eglectric, and also a singer-songwriter. Nikoleta Morales is a multi-award-winning celebrity journalist and publicist. She has interviewed tens of Hollywood stars, such as but not only, Eva Longoria, Jason Derulo, Marlon Wayans and Marc Anthony! Emily Correa is an entertainment industry veteran being CEO of Innova X Arts, and a business coach, marketing professional and consultant who has worked with the teams of several celebrities to help make their goals a reality! She came with her significant other and Co-Producer who is a budding actor, Jose Sanchez. Needless to say, they had some AMAZING people present. It’s safe to say that Bach To Rock Naperville really hit the nail on the head with this event, and that they BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN! Hats off to all of their special guests,staff, instructors as well as Tina (Director) and Calynn (Assistant Director)! If we could give more than 5 stars, we would!

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