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Brian Posen’s Tips for Managing a Successful Event

Managing a successful event is a multi-faceted process. When planning an event, many details must come together in order to produce the best results. From casting to venue and marketing, the organizers must be willing to put in a great deal of work. Brian Posen, an experienced actor, director, and producer, shares his top 4 tips for running a successful event.

Manage Casting Issues

One of the most important aspects of running a successful event is casting. You must make sure that you have the right actors or musicians on stage. Work with an experienced casting director for the best results.

Individual actors should be flexible and able to cover a wide range of parts. It may be better to hire only one or two “marquee” performers and to save budget dollars for other aspects of the performance. These high-profile actors will draw their own ready-made fan base, making selling tickets easier.

For musical acts, consider how their sound will affect the overall character of your performance. Think about their fans and what kind of audience you will be attracting to your event. You may want to choose your performances depending on what kind of audience you want to attract.

For film festivals, choosing the films you want to showcase can be a tricky proposition. There are many great independent films out there, and many deserve the audience’s attention.

It is best to balance your film festival by choosing films of more than one style. For example, if you want to run a festival for science fiction movies, include a high-profile film if you can and also concentrate on student works and lower-budget independent movies.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

There are many moving parts that go into choosing a venue. The choice of a venue can change the character of your event for better or worse. You need to take the type of seating, parking, security, and amenities for your guests seriously.

Some festival organizers neglect the comfort of the paid guests while concentrating all of their energies on the production and the performers. These festivals produce dissatisfied viewers who can cause problems by posting negative tweets or social media reviews. The failed Fyre festival serves as a crucial example of how a venue can make or break a performance.

You will want to make sure that your venue has the right setup for your event. For any event, make sure that the lighting and sound equipment are appropriate for the show. If a venue has outdated sound and lighting, it may not be the best choice. On the other hand, you may want to present a “retro” appearance for certain productions.

Choosing a historic venue can be another advantage for certain types of performances. You must be sure that your guests will be comfortable, however. Make sure that there are enough restrooms and food concessions to minimize lines.

Design Your Production Well

The production itself needs to receive as much attention as the venue and casting. It is important to hire an experienced technical crew in order to make your production the best it can be. If you use students or amateur volunteers, make sure that they have adequate professional support for the job.

Designing your production should not be rushed. It is tempting to put up an event with little preparation when there is money to be made, but you and your audience will be happier if you put a significant amount of time into planning the production.

For music festivals, you will want to be sure that your performers provide a setlist in advance. Some songs are controversial, and you should be able to decide which songs are included in your performance. At the same time, you need to give your performers the ability to express themselves. It can be a delicate balance.

For film festivals, the organizers should watch each film in advance during the “casting” process. You should make notes of any content that may produce a buzz and use this in your marketing campaign. Being aware of the good and bad aspects of all of your chosen films will lead to positive results.

Create a Good Marketing Campaign

If you choose a few prominent performers or films, you will be able to build anticipation among their established fans. It is a good idea to balance marketing for your festival online and in print publications as well as television and radio ads. For film and theatrical festivals, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are musts.

Create a sense of anticipation for your prospective audience. Impress upon them that they will be sharing in a new experience and that they will be exposed to quality entertainment.

Social media is a huge part of marketing today. It may be wise to have an experienced social media marketing firm take over this part of your production. It is a good idea to combine text, video, and pictures. Building buzz among fans can bring great success to your production.

Encouraging Successful Events

These 4 tips from Brian Posen can give you a basic guide to designing the best possible production. As always, there are more aspects that can go into a production, and it would be an advantage to hire a professional production designer. Focus on bringing your audience a new and exciting experience, and all of the pieces will fall into place.

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