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We live in a world where the music we listen to is distributed on the platforms of entrepreneurs, so what could be better than having the opportunity to compose a soundtrack album for one of the top businessmen of our time, Gary Vee.

For ambitious composer Borrtex, real name Daniel Bordovsky, this is a reality. After Spotify selected his track ‘We Are Saved’ for one of their huge playlists, he was thrown into the limelight and has in turn ended up being involved with numerous collaborations – one of which is to compose a soundtrack album for Gary Vee.
We caught up with Borrtex to discuss the venture and a range of other matters.

When was the idea of making an original music for Gary born?

When I started doing music in May of 2017, I wanted to gain as much exposure as possible, so I started offering my work for free to all those motivational channels you can find on YouTube scene. I knew they are constantly in search for new instrumental / epic orchestral music and they have a huge audience, so it would be a win – win situation for both of us. After a while, at least 5 quite significant YouTube channels started using my music and one video with the speech of Gary Vaynerchuk went viral and had over 3M of views, later I got in touch with his team and offered my music directly to them.

Since that time, my music appeared in 15 episodes of GaryVee Show including 7 DailyVee episodes, 6 Gary Vaynerchuk Original Films and 2 special extra videos having hundreds of thousands of views worldwide. The team loved my already composed music, but we wanted to create something more original which would be better fitting to Gary’s style. So, in October 2018 we decided that I will make an original soundtrack for his Show!

Are the titles of the songs based on Gary’s sayings and quotations?

Absolutely! With the help of the GaryVee Team, we came up with the titles such as “Hustle Harder” or “It’s All About Happiness” … and then I was making the music in the style of the titles. So, it was not really film scoring as we are used to see in film production. I was making songs based on Gary’s old videos and the title ideas. And after I finished it, the video editing team started using the songs in new episodes.

Was there any response from the public?

Yes! I started getting emails and messages from Gary’s fans that they love the original soundtrack and they use it as a daily motivation just like they use Gary’s videos – which for me as the composer is a success because that’s exactly what we wanted. Also, in the first three months the album got over 50.000 streams on Spotify and was shared hundreds of times on YouTube.

You don’t live in New York, how did the communication work?

I communicated mostly with David Rock through emails. And then with the rest of the team also through emails or direct messages on Instagram. Sometimes it was a bit difficult because of the time zones difference, but it was all okay!

Do you plan visiting Gary in person?

There are currently some works in progress which I can’t talk about, but yes, I’m coming to New York this July to visit Vayner Media and finally meet the whole team full of amazing and extremely talented people!

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