Who is SoleFaqs New Addition Daylon Land?

Daylon Land is a current Hs Football Champion for Bryant Hs located in Arkansas. He has been selected by SoleFaqs (software as a solution company) to be a part of the Marketing Research and Development Department. SoleFaqs is a software company based out the Dallas Texas Metro Area.

1. Hi Daylon, how are you and what year do you graduate from High School?

I am doing well and enjoying the weather in Arkansas. I attend Bryant Hs and I will be graduating in 2020.

2. How did you start working for a Software Company?

I originally started working for SoleFaqs as a trade show brand ambassador in 2018. A position was open in SoleFaqs marketing research and development department. Upper management decided that I would be a great fit for the position.

3. How did you become known as a Fashionista with Tech experience?

I am known know for liking suits that are simple. I like yeezy’s and off-white Jordan’s. I’m currently interning at Cook Technology Services. I have also attended a few Robotic camps.

4. What does SoleFaqs do?

SoleFaqs is a Software as a solution company that produces proprietary “SDR” Shoe Description Report that sellers use to help reduce their chances of receiving an item not as described return. It’s estimated that Item not as described returns cost the E-comm shoe marketplace 60 million dollars in 2018

5. Are you looking to attend College and if so, what will be your degree program of study?

Yes, I am looking to go College in Fall of 2020. I’m looking at going into the Information Systems field of study with an emphasis in International Business.

6. Daylon it was a pleasure speaking with you and keep us up to date on your journey. Anything else you would like to say?

The pleasure was mine and checkout .

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