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From advertising projects to cartoons, offers an eclectic assortment of voice over services to fit the various needs of their clientele. Read our interview to learn more about their creative offerings.

  1. Q: Can you tell us about yourself and your company,

A: Sandeep Salwann is a professional Indian voice over, dubbing and mimicry artist .He has performed for many prestigious National Television Channels India News,Reliance Big Magic ,Live India and Multi-National companies etc.

He has managed since 2012.

The USP of is to deliver best voice overs in competitive rates and within fast turn around time. In addition to this ,we also provide mimicry and stand up comedy talents from delhi and outside delhi. We are not confined to recording voice overs online ,In fact , we are quite active to offer our services to mutually hired studio by our client and us in Delhi,Chandigarh,Gurgaon and Mumbai for voice over recording. offers a professional Indian voice overs for any kind of advertising projects ,ivr,television commercials ,radio commercials ,documentaries ,Dubbing etc in any language like hindi,English,Punjabi ,Spanish,French ,German and some other Indian and International languages .

We have worked for many famous clients:

Hero Hunk, India

Western Union ,Rome


William Osler Health System,Canada


Learnoid, India


India News News Channel

Reliance BigMagic

Live India News Channel

NDTV Good Times

And Many More on the list



  1. Q: How did you get into this industry? Is this something you always wanted to do, even when you were younger?

A: I used to mimic a few famous voices when I was in 7th Standard, it was my great passion. Every day I kept on impersonating Dev Anand and Shahrukh Khan and then after completing my schooling , I developed it ,in to more professional way and started observing the gestures of people around me and celebrities like Farhan Akhtar,Amir khan,Naseerudin Shah ,Irfan khan ,Rajpal Yadav ,Manmohan Singh ,kejriwal etc soon after this , A thought ,came in to my mind – Is there any way of selling my voice ? I kept on searching things on internet how to enter into the voice over industry and searching and searching ……Here I am 🙂


  1. Q: Voiceover talent requires a lot of flexibility. How many different languages do you speak?


A: Yes, absolutely right. I can speak Hindi ,Punjabi,English And Read Spanish



  1. Q: What is one of the biggest challenges that you encounter in your line of work, and how do you rise to meet the challenge?


A: Consistency! that’s the biggest challenge – One has to maintain his/her voice tonal quality all the time.

I used to observe my voice after every recording session that means one has to be self-analyst so that you can analyze the change in your voice.



  1. Q: What is one of your greatest achievements (special awards, features, etc.)?

A: I have featured on India News National Channel ,Reliance Big Magic


  1. Q: You quit your day job to start your voiceover / mimicry business (awesome). How was the journey going from employment to entrepreneur?


A: Yes, It gives a very awesome feeling, when you start something with your own !though the decision was tough because in India we have the perception that in a day job ,you have financial securities ,you get a fixed salary after end of every month , you go office ,come back and sleep without worries etc But for me the purpose and goal was clear that always motivated me, to walk on my track – That is “Doing voice overs only “


Thanks & Regards,
Sandeep Salwann

A Voice Over, Dubbing & Mimicry Actor

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