Revolutionary New Company Helps Users Monetize From Social Media

Tifti is a clever software that makes shopping easier by allowing customers to shop for their favorite products by clicking on photos and videos. Check out our interview to learn more about their success.

1. Hello! Please tell us more about your company Tifti.
Tifti allows for you to tag and sell directly from any image or video on the
web, including on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

2. What inspired you to create this company?
I always saw things on the internet, in music videos, or on TV shows that I
wanted to buy but there was never really a way to figure out where. With Tifti it
creates a whole new outlet for business owners to advertise their goods, while at
the same time helping people easily check out and purchase, it’s really a win win.

3. How does Tifti work?
Simple! You upload an image or video, you tag the products and where to
find them, and that’s it! You then can share that image or video on social media, add
it to your blog and immediately start driving traffic and making money to either the
products your store, or to one of our brand partners where you can make a
percentage of every sale.

4. Biggest challenges you’ve faced?
The biggest challenge I’ve faced with Tifti so far, is overcoming the obstacles
of getting it to work on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, however
the biggest personal challenge I’ve faced is trying to not get “shiny objected” by the
opportunity for where this software can go. Do I make it more catered towards the
average social media user, or do I go for the broader market? It’s incredibly easy to
get caught up and paralyzed by having a lot of options.

5. How did you overcome those challenges?
The software side was a bit hard, but that just required iteration until
something worked. Overcoming the “shiny object” syndrome on the other
hand, well that never is easy. I created a simple checklist / vision of what I
wanted for the MVP (minimum viable product) and then every other great
idea or expansion I had for it, I decided to write down in a notebook. I still
ended up including a few things here and there, but I was mostly able to stay
on track and get the product put together.

6. Any guru tips for entrepreneurs?
The biggest tip I can give to entrepreneurs is to be patient. A lot of
entrepreneurs have great ideas, but get disappointed when they don’t have results
immediately. The reality is, no matter what you’re working on you need to be
patient, results sparsely come overnight, and if you find yourself struggling to see
progress, you need to ask yourself, “If I could spend my time doing anything else,
would I?” and if the answer is yes, then you’re lacking the passion needed to be
persistent in the journey towards getting results. Obstacles and challenges will come
out of no where, and the greatest battle is always the internal one, and if you lack
passion for what you’re doing you’ll find it much harder to be patient enough to get
the results you’re looking for. So the next time you find yourself at the end of that
question, you should either double down and keep trying, or find something else
you’re more passionate about, but don’t be fooled by your own imagination and end
up jumping from one great thing to the next to the next. I’ve been in that position
where I was always convincing myself that there was something better, and I left
several project uncompleted in the past which I highly regret because I would be so
much farther ahead than where I am now, had I learned that patience, persistence
and passion are the keys to any forward progress. I like to call “shiny object
syndrome”, and most entrepreneurs have it, so if you find yourself jumping from
one thing to the next, leaving behind a graveyard of great ideas, take a step back,
stop going through the motions, and set goals, religiously stick to them, and be
patient enough to achieve the results you’re looking for, and if you don’t succeed at
first, try and try again, 99% of the fun is in the journey, not the destination.


7. Future goals?
My goal with Tifti is to expand it much farther than where it is today and to enter
into the world of image recognition to help automate and extend the functionality of
Tifti past just e-commerce goods, and open up the possibility for future integrations
with VR and AR platforms. Outside of Tifti, I plan on tackling much bigger ambitions
once I have the proper infrastructure and personnel in place, but my next project
will most likely be in the space industry working on a way to provide affordable
civilian space travel to the masses.

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