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Computers use different software and hardware components to operate seamlessly. Regular or scheduled computer maintenance can help you keep your computer in good running state while ensuring longevity. A complete maintenance service covers physical and virtual components of the computer, such as programs, documents and other important files. According to the Hunter School of Business, regular computer maintenance can help in the following ways:

  • Ensure the computer runs unhinged with no short circuits, viruses, malware’s and other problems
  • Keeps the computer clean and in good working state
  • Makes the computer run faster by freeing the Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Keep the computer safe by backing information in case the files are lost or corrupted

Computer hardware maintenance

The hardware components that need to be cleaned and kept in good working condition include the monitor, keyboard, mouse and CPU. Dust and debris that build over time can cause serious operational challenges, from short circuit to system overheating. While removing the dust from your computer, always ensure the fans are operating optimally to prevent overheating. Keyboards can easily get dirty because of accumulated food crumbs and dust.

The dust can easily be removed using a blower and computer cleaner. Once the keyboard is cleaned, sanitize it using an appropriate disinfectant. Fingerprints and dust often cause smudging to appear thereby making it difficult to view the computer screen. Due to its sensitive nature, only the appropriate wipes should be used to clean the monitor. Lastly, the mouse should be cleaned with a plastic friendly cleanser. While doing so be careful not to damage the laser on your mouse.

Virtual data maintenance

Computer data maintenance incorporates services such as disk cleanup, browser extension clearance, password management and driver optimization. Backing up the computer files is highly recommended as part of system restoration. Computer users can now use Cloud backup plans like the Google Drive to ensure every important data is kept safe. Operating systems like Windows come with an array of disk cleanup tools designed to maintain the computer files.

The disk cleanup tools can help eliminate old and temporary files, thus freeing up more space on the memory and hard drive. The operation can also go a long way to improve system performance. A disk optimizer also helps clean and create more space in the hard drive. One such tool is the defragment tool in Windows, which organizes fragmented files. Browser extensions and plugins that are no longer in use should always be removed from the computer.

Taking care of the browser extensions can stem potential system vulnerabilities such as computer hacking and phishing routes. In the same breadth, computer passwords must be kept safe and discreet to prevent hacking and other forms of data breaches. A number of system tools have been developed to help users keep the passwords safe and secure. Always remember to keep the software running on your computer up-to-date and ensure the computer remains virus free.

Getting rid of computer viruses

Computer viruses and malware can cause serious problems, including annoyingly slow speeds, busy hard drive and system failure. According to AVG, if your computer has been infected by a virus, you need to start the computer in safe mode, delete temporary files, download virus scanner and scan your computer files. The viruses can also be removed manually. To learn more about these preventive measures, check out the online computing resources or consult an IT expert.

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