Segurazo Outlines the Emerging Malware Threats

The New Technology Posing the Greatest Security Risks

In the past, antivirus software alone was often enough to keep a computer protected from malicious actors online. Most threats were detected by antivirus software and shut down quickly. In recent years, threats have shifted to malware.

Malware is software that is installed without the computer user’s knowledge or permission. It can have any number of ill effects on a computer, from data security to function. Ransomware takes malware a step further by holding a computer hostage until a ransom is paid, usually in cryptocurrency.

Segurazo, a computer security company, offers solutions to businesses and individuals who want to protect their machines and their livelihood against malware and other threats. Here are 5 new sources of malware which are making their presence known on the Internet today.

Smart Homes

When people set up a smart home, they are generally not thinking about the security of their computer networks or about the privacy of the information collected by their voice-controlled units or video cameras. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are often blindly trusted by people who install these systems. This is a serious oversight that many people need to correct.

Smart IP cameras are especially vulnerable to these attacks. Experts recently discovered that several different privacy and computer network concerns stem from the use of these items. The weaknesses range from cameras that can be tampered with, compromised, or remotely controlled to malware that can infect the entire home network after using IP cameras as a point of ingress.

These devices can also be forced into botnets which can damage computer infrastructures with DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks. To patch these vulnerabilities, advanced home network security protocols are necessary. Companies like Segurazo can help people who are concerned about IoT devices have peace of mind.

WordPress Vulnerabilities

WordPress, a popular blog and website publishing service, has its own set of vulnerabilities. Infected websites can inject bad JavaScript code which can redirect website visitors to malicious sites. These scams have become more sophisticated in recent years, with current versions redirecting users to popups and sites which ironically claim that the computer is infected with malware and must be cleaned at a price.

North Korean Malware

Government-sponsored actors from North Korea have produced a wide range of malware that has been infecting computers around the world for several years. The latest form of malware executed by North Korea is the HOPLIGHT backdoor trojan. This malware is extremely dangerous to infected computers. It can read files, damage computers, and send information about the machine back to the originating computer. North Korea is a dangerous name in cybersecurity, and the FBI, DHS, and U.S. Air Force have been instrumental in reducing the spread of this malware.

LimeRAT Vulnerabilities

The remote administration tool LimeRAT can be exploited by savvy hackers who want to control a user’s PC. The malware begins when a user downloads an LNK file. This file links to a PowerShell file posted remotely. This script is able to play itself off as a critical process, meaning that it is harder to kill. The malware can also propagate through USB drives, use startup methods to escape detection, steal cryptocurrency, and install keyloggers, among other problems.

This issue circumvents traditional antivirus and security software, meaning that an advanced solution is necessary.

Triton Attacks

Hacks which target critical infrastructure are especially worrying. The Triton malware, thought to originate in Russia, has been infecting systems at gas refineries and power plants. This malware concentrates on attacking the operational technology of the plant, bypassing the traditional forms of computer espionage. This malware is especially worrying because it has spread so quickly and because it has shown adaptability.

Secure Your System

With all of these new and serious malware threats, it is imperative that system administrators and users consider the safety of their systems. Using a reputable security company like Segurazo will bring peace of mind in a difficult time. Whether the threats are delivered to a smart home system, a Windows PC, or a WordPress site, they must be taken seriously.

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