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Radu Balas, Founder of Publishing Addict, on Success and Tips For Writers

In this interview, I spoke with Radu Balas, founder of Publishing Addict. Check out our conversation as he details his success, and gives expert tips for writers.

  1. Hi! Please tell us about yourself and your business.


I’m Radu Balas, 31 years old and currently running a lucrative online business. I’m a visionary and a builder. When I envision something and if I get a good intuition, I follow it. From there, I build things. My business caters to top authors and businesses. I have a team of web designers who work with me to get things done. Websites are an important piece to any author or business because they serve as the central hub to leverage their book and brand.


  1. What inspired you to start this company?


I was inspired by the future of the world wide web. I knew it’s gonna explode and I wanted to mark my territory so that I can also pave the way for and inspire others.


When I started, the internet was very young. Not too many know the powers of it. But being a visionary that I am, I took hint from how fast technology is advancing. Had I not started more than 15 years ago, my company wouldn’t be thriving as it does today.


  1. As an author yourself, what is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced, and how did you overcome that challenge?


The biggest challenge was how to get people even know I wrote a book, with all the competition surrounding every surface and corner of the web. Sharing the news on my social media didn’t quite put me in a good position. As my book is about using your author website to sell more books, that’s what I did. I made my website a living proof that having one can really position your brand properly and as a result sell more books!


  1. What does a typical client look like for your company? Can anyone get a website, or is it exclusively for authors?


Majority are authors but we are expanding to catering different businesses as well. We’ve done a few restaurant websites and some travel blogs.


  1. Top 3 reasons why writers should consider Publishing Addict to help them with their author site?


We’re a one-stop shop. We have a solution for all of your website, SEO and marketing needs.


Cost- and time-saving. Authors must spend their time writing not building their website. Leave the dirty work to us. All will be done for you!


We deliver quality. You get more than what you paid for. We believe that form is nothing without substance but substance can be bland without form. Great form = Great website design. Substance = Website that delivers its intended purpose.


  1. If you had to give out one piece of expert advice for writers, what would it be and why?


Keep writing. Steer clear from the dirty work. You can only ever achieve your maximum potential if you focus a great amount of time doing the work that matters to you. For a reasonable fee, you online platform can be built while you are busy writing. If you must take a break from writing, have your friends and a pint of beer keep you company 😉

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