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Meet Subhanshu Pandey, Founder of Holy Point ITI

Subhanshu Pandey, the founder of Holy Point ITI, is a Business Analyst with Fortune 500 who believes in promoting education for all, women empowerment and cleanliness.


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself, what exactly you do? 

Hi! I am Subhanshu Pandey, Currently I am working with Infosys as Business Analyst, and along with it I work with John Paul Slum Development Centre in Pune, run two small businesses- and


I also oversees functioning of Holy Point Industrial Training Institute, which is my brainchild aimed at providing industrial training for rural youth. I am also board advisor of Holy Point Academy and work towards including technological solutions there to monitor and improve education quality, and scale the impact of our mission.


  1. What inspired you to get involved in social entrepreneurship?
    My role model Swami Vivekananda. When I read his literature for the first time, I did felt inside that this is what I am here for. If you think bit deeper then you will feel that all of us are seeking a common thing – Happiness. We do whatever we do because either we find or hope to find happiness in it, For me, with time, becoming a social entrepreneur has evolved from being a choice to being the basis of my happiness.


  1. Tell us a bit about Holy Point Academy and other initiatives you work on. 

Holy Point Academy is a coeducational senior secondary school affiliated with CBSE board. It was founded by my father P.C. Pandey in 2003. At that time, people of my native rural town Bharthana did not have any idea about CBSE board. My father was already running town’s top state board affiliated school, and he thought to educate people about CBSE board and its benefits, and provided a platform to them. Holy Point Academy work speaks through consistent performance of our proud students in examinations and other extracurricular activities. The school also instill a sense of social responsibility in children through many initiatives such as blanket distribution to poor, organizing voter awareness rallies etc. School tries to attract faculty from tier-1 cities by offering competitive salaries and yet has most affordable fee structure in district. Major part of school children comprises of children from nearby villages.


In 2013, I became successful cofounder of Holy Point Industrial Training Institute was launched in 2013. Under the guidance of my family, I along with my team launched the institute. Our vision was to provide state-of-the-art industrial training to village children and in turn help them learn basic skills necessary to secure a job in industry. The institute offers courses in electrical and fitter grade. Our career counseling services have helped students realize there dream. For example, one of our student joined electrical course but he wanted to secure a government job. Our institute apart from providing  him electrical training also provided necessary information and resources to prepare for relevant competitive examinations. There are many such success stories.


  1. What role can social entrepreneurs play in education? Share some tips with our readers. 

Education standard in India has dropped drastically. Once considered social service, education is now become a business entity. Moreover, youngsters are not willingly choosing a career in education industry. As a result, we are not able to provide quality education to underprivileged children and to attract youth in the sector by improvising social status of a teacher.


Social Entrepreneurs interested in education sector can help eradicate many issues such as these. Educated society will itself empower itself to fight with other social evils. As Samy Vivekananda said, “the only service you can do to poor is to provide education to them to awaken their self confidence.”


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