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Meet MayflyCam, the Photo Sharing Startup That Lets You Take Pictures Anonymously

The New Picture App That Features Incredible Zoom Technology

MayflyCam is the newest photo sharing app that has recently hit the tech scene. The app features remarkably designed zoom-in technology, which lets photo sharers take and view pictures like never before. In addition to its exclusive zoom-in function, the app highlights include a free, easy-to-use, no-registration process.  Simply download the app, and you can begin taking photos right away!  MayflyCam’s interface is designed to conveniently allow its users to remain completely anonymous.

Trailblazing Co-founders, Ben Cruz and Ryan Lee launched MayflyCam in April 2019. “Our vision is that our app will change how people take and share photos with our unique camera zoom technology. In addition, our app promotes photo sharing with privacy and we believe will become the mainstream in the near future. Users will be able to share photos immediately in our platform without the hassle of sign up or registering an account,” said Co-founder, Ben Cruz in a recent statement to SweetStartups.

When asked, “What inspired the creation of the app?” Cruz stated, “Currently the mainstream photo sharing apps require all users to sign up and do not respect users’ privacy in general. We created MayflyCam not only to offer the best zoom technology, but also treat users’ privacy as our highest priority by enabling convenient zoom-at-fingers capability and passing the hassle of sign up.”

Its strikingly advanced, close-up technology offers a rare user experience that redefines photography in a creative way.  If you would like to learn more about MayflyCam, please visit You may also download the app (completely free of charge) via iPhone, at the App Store to begin experiencing this innovative zoom-in, photo-sharing platform.

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