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Fintech Success Tips and Advice

If you want to move into a career in Fintech, these tips will help you to prepare for success.

Follow the newsmakers

You need a lot of knowledge and skillsets to enjoy success in Fintech. It can be hard to follow the sector as things change at an incredible rate. Social media is actually one of the most useful routes to getting Fintech information. Huntswood Recruitment recommends following experts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Pay attention to media groups such as 27, TechinAsia, or even TechCrunch, and you will get the most important information when you need it.

Develop Your Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is something that people in Fintech need good skills in. Due to the challenges of matching financial formulas with various legal considerations and computer algorithms it is important that people are able to analyse patterns and come up with solutions to challenges that may be rather complex.

You can hone your critical thinking abilities through real-life discussions with academic peers, and you can also learn a lot by practicing problem solving in your day to day life. If you encounter a challenge and you can’t think of a solution, take a short break and walk away from it. Come back fresh, and you may find that you have new insights that will help you to understand and solve whatever issue you are dealing with in your real or financial life.

Work With a Team

Communication and teamwork skills are two things that are very important in any job, but particularly so in the Fintech sector. It is important that students practice their teamwork skills as much as possible so that they can learn from their mistakes and that they are ready to work in a real team once they graduate. Soft skills should not be underestimated, even in hard industries.

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