Eterior Spaces: How to Give Your Home or Business an Affordable Makeover

Want to spice up your business or living space, and save money doing it? Eterior Spaces offers digital interior design services that are perfect to help you rebrand your personal or professional space.  Check out interview to learn step-by-step how their amazing services work.

  1. Sweet Startups: Can you give our readers more information about

Eterior Spaces: Eterior Spaces is a virtual design consultation platform that gives everyone an opportunity to have a fabulous, good looking, functional home/office at an affordable cost. You have four different design packages and services to choice from according to your needs. We can design from scratch, or renovate an existing space. We can update whatever you already have or help in between.

These design packages can also serve as the perfect wedding or birthday gift, ‘welcome to college gift’ to a young adult moving into dorms or a ‘just because’ gift.

With each package you buy, Eterior Spaces gives 5% of the proceeds to registered charities which focus on restoring homes of displaced persons.


  1. Sweet Startups: What’s a step-by-step overview of how your services work?

Eterior Spaces:

a) Go to

b) Select the design service you want and click ORDER. You will be directed to a questionnaire. Potential buyers are encouraged to provide us with information about themselves and the space/room(s) in question. This enables us understand their needs and style preferences. We make this process easier by giving style options and even a measurement guide.

c) After the form is completed, just click SUBMIT. You will immediately get an e-mail from us confirming receipt.

d) Within 48hrs you will receive email and/or a phone call from one of our designers who will take up the project from there.

e) Each project takes 10-14 working days after design styles have been confirmed with the client and payment cleared.

f) Based on the service purchased, the client receives a mood board/design concepts, floor plans and 3D representations in a nice and concise presentation. where promised, It will also include a helpful guide on how to execute all the ideas suggested. At the end, you will have a space with a professionally finished look.

Please see our video here:


  1. Sweet Startups: Are your services geared mostly toward residential clients, retail businesses or a combination?

Eterior Spaces: It’s a combination; we like to say that our service is for wherever needs our help!


  1. Sweet Starups: Some of our readers may have home-based businesses. In this instance, how important is it for them to have a creative workspace?

Eterior Spaces: Home offices tend to have more character and more of a creative feel because many are borne out of make-shift corners or substitute/shared rooms in a house. The most important thing now becomes functionality. Eterior Spaces is built in such a way to help people take a room apart and put it back together in a cohesive, functional manner without losing character. This is possible because it is the owner of the room that does the re-assignment of the space.


  1. Sweet Startups: What are 2 of your future business goals?

Eterior Spaces:

a) To be known as a company who truly cares – creating happy spaces for as many as we can reach!

b) We would love to partner with home/office furniture and product brands so we can provide a wider range of services to our clients.


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