Entrepreneur Success: Neron Meiler and Digital Signage

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Neron Meiler created a software for Digital Signage, Menu Boards and Touch Screen Kiosks. The software was created in 2008, it was totally revolutionary.


In 2011 Neron sold the software to Screen Media Group in order to be able to put it to use. You need a great team in order to build amazing products. He made a career at Screen Media Group were he is still the CEO of the company.


Since 2011, Neron Meiler has been concentrating in innovations that Screen Media Group is able to materialize and amazing product such us interactive tables, advergames, digital signage solutions, menu boards and more recently a set of inbound marketing campaigns launched in 2015.


Neron Meiler studied at Emeron College, graduated in 1998, received a half scholarship and won an Evvy Award for his own personal website. He then started his own company and dedicated to innovate in technology and since than has worked in more that 1500 digital projects and with the top companies in Latin America. He has consulted top CEOs on startups ideas and Innovation products.


His company partnered with HP Mexico in order to offer his software for Digital Signage P2M were they implemented an interactive directory for a major department store. 

Neron Meiler moved to Miami Florida in 2011 to start internationalizing the software he created, showing the products that people can build, giving conferences about innovation and get together with other great minds that can push him to improve his creations to the next level.


His last project so far was a 20 screen video wall art design for a Duty Free America Store at the Miami International Airport. You cans appreciate it at:


You can follow his work at: his Top Innovation Marketing Agency based in Miami, Florida. Offering services for Latin America and the Hispanic Market. Offering Digital Signage, Special


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