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CEO of Render3DQuickly and Mechanical Engineer Jason Vander Griendt

A graduate of Fanshawe College, and a professional in mechanical engineering, Jason Vander Griendt is the CEO and owner of the Company Render 3D Quickly Inc. & J – CAD Inc. Since his success, his businesses have continued to expand, gaining national attention in North America, as well as attention on a global level.


What inspired you to launch your business?


I first launched J – CAD Inc. shortly after college on the side for some extra money. It wasn’t until online marketing went mainstream that I was able to grow it and find more clients rapidly so for the first few years it was a small side business. Once online marketing started happening then I started hiring employees. At first I hired locally but then saw the massive benefit to hiring brilliant people in different parts of the world. It was at this point I started outsourcing some of my day job 3D CAD design duties to my employees. It wasn’t long before I didn’t need a job anymore and just went fully into running J – CAD Inc. and growing it. It was during J – CAD Inc.’s growth that I saw a need in the market for architectural 3D renderings via inquiries through J – CAD Inc. Many people were contacting us asking if we can also do architectural 3D renderings and I knew we could but J – CAD Inc. was a mechanical design company, not an architectural firm. I wanted to provide an easier and faster way to get 3D renderings to clients who needed them and I knew that by using my unique business model I could easily do it.

We did an online search result query and immediately saw a big potential to apply my business model to this business as well so I branched off Render 3D Quickly Inc. It was obvious to me that there was a market for this, and at the time there were so many orders coming in that eventually I couldn’t keep up with them on my own. That is when I decided to make it a full-fledged company and hire more people like myself to accommodate the influx of clients.

The business has been growing ever since. We have hired on over 30 talented people who are able to work all over the world wherever and whenever they want. Both businesses do not have an office and I take pride in building a multi-million dollar business without an office or even meeting my clients or employees. That’s not to say that I don’t like meeting people. Traveling has become a normal part of my life since starting these businesses to meet employees, clients and vendors all over the world.


Where do you envision your company in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?


I see it continuing to grow from here, especially in the international market. I travel quite a bit and have visited over thirty countries so far. I intend to continue traveling not only for my own enjoyment but for the networking prospects it brings. I am able to meet new people in every country I visit, and a lot of them are interested in our company. I’m also looking forward the Virtual Reality explosion in the real estate and architecture industry! I don’t think its full potential is realized yet and as it becomes more and more mainstream I feel that Render 3D Quickly Inc. is very well positioned to capitalize on that movement. I have been working hard to build a large team that can satisfy this rapid growth in the industry. I’d argue that we have the largest VR team in the world!


What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs and business owners? What do you wish someone told you?


There are a few pieces of advice that I would give actually. First, I would express the importance of advertising and marketing and driving traffic to your company so that you MAKE MONEY. You want to get as much business flowing in as possible so that you are making money. To me this is such common sense but so many people confuse business start-up success with having a cool logo and a slick website. If you’re start up is not making any money then it’s not successful in my opinion. You could have the slickest website & coolest logo in the world but if no one can find your business it means no one is buying anything and you’re not making any money! Making money is MOST IMPORTANT thing when starting up. Without capital you can’t do anything like grow your business, hire people, invest in things you need etc. Make money as fast as you can because when you start up it probably won’t make that much.

It’s much better to make a simple website with no logo and just drive traffic to the site with online marketing. Just start, don’t spend weeks and months making things that don’t matter perfect. Just launch and make some money and then invest it into more website features and a cool logo. Read “Ready Fire Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat – Michael Masterson” for more on this.Our business has had much success through various online marketing advertising options as well as through social media. We’ve tried Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Google seems to be the best for us and we don’t use any other method at the moment. Bottom line is we had the business idea and business model and a week later we were making money. In my opinion looking back even this took too long. I can now launch a new business idea in days or even hours sometimes. There is no reason it should take longer.


Next, my advice is to read A LOT! Read anything you are interested in but just read anything business related. Read autobiographies on business people you admire. The tips and knowledge you get from these books are incredible! It blows me away that someone who is an expert on a topic because of things they’ve learned during their entire life is crammed into a single book. All of their knowledge is laid out in a clear and simple way to learn and it only costs about $10! Priceless knowledge for $10!!! The ROI on any book is at least 10-100X or more in my opinion so read and watch your ROI go up exponentially.

***Here’s a little life hack that everyone is so surprised to learn when I tell them – Some people ask me how I can afford to read so much as I try to read 2-3 books per week. Firstly, it’s because I read a lot to begin with so I have applied the knowledge I’ve gained to my life a long time ago and now I have the money to buy as many books as I want but secondly there’s a website called Amazon (Amazon should maybe market this better?) that allows you to sell the books you read for basically the same price you paid for them. FREE READING!

I’ve been reading for years, literally 100’s of books now virtually for free by selling them on Amazon when I finish reading them so don’t complain that books are too expensive. Right now there are people reading this saying “oh, but what about the shipping cost??!?!” because that’s what everyone says when I tell them this system I use to read for free (I can’t believe that $5.00 in shipping cost is actually going to stop people from getting expert knowledge on any topic which makes their life better in every way) – Yes, shipping is covered when you sell a book on Amazon. There you go! Read as much as you want for free!


Lastly, make yourself available. I can’t express enough how important this is. I have had times when I missed a phone call from a client, and it turned out to be a big deal that I lost out on because I was unavailable.

You have to make it clear that you are serious about your company. Making sure that you are always reachable shows your clients that they are important to you. If you are loyal to them then they will be loyal to you as a customer and in 2017 there is no reason anyone cannot be reached. If someone isn’t answering you that means they are ignoring you.

That’s the top three pieces of advice I have for someone starting out that would have helped me if I was just starting out. Hopefully, these tips can help aspiring entrepreneurs. By sharing the hurdles I have come across I hope they can avoid making the same mistakes I did. Though it was an excellent learning experience that molded me into the businessman I am today, so I am thankful in many ways, and I wouldn’t go back to do it any differently.


I am happy to say that I have a company I am proud of, and I look forward to seeing how far it will go. The future holds a lot of hopes and possibilities for us at Render 3D Quickly. So now all we have to do is continue looking forward and working hard.

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