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Starting a business in the field of technology can be a highly competitive one. With so many startups taking advantage of what the digital age has to offer, any aspiring entrepreneur must learn how to stand out.

One of these successful entrepreneurs is Blake Rubin. He is a mobile developer based in Los Angeles, California. He currently caters to companies of varying sizes to help in developing mobile and web systems which are useful for business growth.

Blake Rubin lived most of his life in California, and doing so made him aware of digital advancements that rose over the decades. This allowed him to hone his skills during college and eventually worked his way to becoming one of the top mobile developers on the West Coast. Blake Rubin now spends most of his work days helping his wide client base find solutions for customer engagement, generating leads and closing off sales in products and services.

 Mr. Rubin attributes his success with his ability to focus on a certain direction. He believes that it is important for an entrepreneur to fix their eyes on a single, all-encompassing goal and taking small steps to achieve it.

 1. Where did you find the idea for your business?

I was generally inclined to the tech industry ever since. Back in college, it was my main area of interest, and I somehow dreamed of creating a business around it. One morning, I was just looking over a tech news article and I had the idea of being a B2B mobile developer. I saw that there was a great demand and I built upon the idea that I can make businesses successful by working with their IT teams.

2. What’s one work habit you live by?

I believe in the habit of persistence. An individual can be as knowledgeable and skillful as he can get, but without persistence, he can’t get anywhere. In order to be successful, one must persevere in the face of failure. I learned this the hard way. There were some decisions I made back in the day that made me lost clients for good. Looking back, I realized that they were the most golden lessons I learned in my journey as a mobile developer and entrepreneur.

3. Are there any major decisions that your company is working on right now?

We are currently in the process of relocating our offices from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Although I am living in Los Angeles at present, I believe that moving our offices in SF would provide more opportunities for our business in terms of growth and development. Not only are we closer to the tech hub that is Silicon Valley, our company would also be able to partner with other business that hopes to advance in their tech department.

4. What is your favorite business book and why?

They say that great leaders are always great readers. I’ve currently tried to develop a habit of reading books every night before going to bed. One business book that stood out for me is “The Industries of the Future” by Alec Ross. It helped me gained insight into what’s in it for the tech world and how it can shape other industries. Additionally, it also gave me an idea on how to direct the course of our business and what other services and products we can offer to our clients.

5. What do you think will be the future trends in the tech industry?

I believe that there will be more incorporation of artificial intelligence not just in the tech industries but all other fields of practice. I can see AI developing in food production, sales, education, medicine, and many others. Some human jobs will eventually be replaced by robots since they are more efficient and reliable to do tasks. AI operation is less prone to mistakes and more cost-effective.

6. Did you actually see yourself growing your business into what it is right now?

Although our company has annual goals, I could never really tell how much our mobile development business can grow in the future. It all depends on how well we adapt to trends and how much we can help other businesses integrate these trends to reach out customers. I just believed that our company had a strong potential back then and I still believe in it now.

7. What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t just work hard, work smart. That is the whole idea of me getting into this business. It all started with the idea of helping business find more ways to make their operations more effective through technological systems. It’s an example of working smart. If you have an idea to help make other’s lives easier, then pursue that idea and create a business around it. And when you do have your business running, don’t forget the same principle of working smart to achieve more results even with less effort.

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