Beginners Guide for Choosing the Best Laptops

The trend of notebook computers has been ruling a market for several years, so it is incredible for those experienced laptop users to believe that someone still uses a desktop computer. However, there are many reasons why some people have not undergone a trend and remained faithful to large, in-transferable computers.

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If you are one of those who, after so many years, have decided to “treat” themselves with a good model of laptop, there are several things you need to know about them. Although they are actually everything you have on your desktop computer, just in a more compact package, there are some differences that you need to pay attention to when shopping.

The Size Doesn’t Affect the Performances

This was not the case with desktop computers either, but let’s mention that, just in case. The standard 15.6 ” laptop models have everything you can look for from a single computer. However, the size and choice of the model vary so you can find everything for those who prefer standard models, but also smaller and bigger screen sizes.

The size of the 17 “can have its advantages, especially for people who are willing to replace their old desktop computer with a laptop. These models are usually larger, with fast processors, excellent graphics and significant storage space. But they are heavy and the screen repair can be quite expensive. That’s why it’s okay to place this “beast” on the table, where you can work or play games.

As for smaller models, they can perfectly fit the LED display in good resolution, so you won’t even notice the difference in size. Models of 13 or 14” offer the best balance between functionality and portability. Models up to 12 “are light, but the problem is the keyboard and impractical use. Good choice if you need a laptop for personal stuff and fun.

Specifications for Dummies


Specifications of a laptop like the size of the hard disk, RAM, graphics card, processor and so on can confuse even the largest experts. The number of models on the market is continually increasing, and hi-tech innovations happen every day.

What you really need to know often depends on why you need a laptop. For example, more demanding tasks such as 3D gaming and editing HD videos require a stronger machine, with more memory space and great graphics. Of course, these machines will cost more. If you are an average user, requiring a laptop for surfing the web and using text programs and editors, Orphan Laptops suggests you “average” models which don’t cost a fortune.

What’s Inside the Machine?

In short: in the processor, the bit rate expressed in GHz is essential. Higher speed means better performances if other features support it. Here we think of a hard disk, where speed matters too, since RAM memory of 4 GB became standard; then, graphics cards, which are usually integrated with laptops (share system memory). More demanding users would need the removable ones because they are more powerful and easy to replace.

Excellent graphics are the most significant factor if you need a laptop to design, play games or work in some particular programs. Those “ordinary” will be enough for all essential tasks like surfing the Internet, watching movies or playing some of the newer games with fewer details.

Battery Life

Nowadays, laptop batteries are “built-in” into the machine, as models are becoming thinner and lighter day by day. This option is not a favorite among users since the battery is one of the first parts to break. Modern, thin laptops usually have a long battery life due to power saving hardware.

Gaming and multimedia models of laptops require more power than models intended for average users, and so their batteries don’t last long. These laptops are usually attached to the outlet most of the time. Each battery drops capacity over time, but you can slow down its decay with some useful tips from this source.

Prepare for your laptop model to become passé pretty soon because the advancement of technology is unstoppable. If you do not follow the trends blindly, get yourself a machine that will work for you, even if it means a few dollars more than you planned.

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