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Andrew Knight New Canaan has been one of the leading front-end developers in the U.S. over recent years and hopes to continue this reputation. Throughout his career, Knight New Canaan has been interested in the way technology can shape the way we live our lives in the 21st-century. Early in his education, Andrew Knight began to understand technology was changing and would soon be more important to everyday life than ever before. After obtaining a degree in Systems Management, Andrew Knight set out to help small business leaders in their movement towards becoming accustomed to the latest and best technology in the world.

As a front-end developer, it is the role of Knight New Canaan to ensure every aspect of the social media and Online presence of a company is created perfectly. In the case of Andrew Knight New Canaan, this means ensuring aspects of the digital work of any company is of the highest possible quality. Among the sectors of the work completed on a regular basis by the Web design specialist is the use of content creation tools and customer analytics.

Andrew Knight likes to make sure he is giving back to the community he lives and works in as he tries to keep himself fit and healthy. Throughout his life, the front-end developer has enjoyed a passion for baseball which has continued to flourish through his work as a coach of high school prospects.

How did you start your business?

After college, I spent some time working for different companies in Web design but felt the boundaries of technology were not being explored. After talking with some friends in the Web development industry, I believed there was much more to technology that was being examined and decided to freelance as a front-end developer. It was amazing how many clients appeared from small to mid-size companies looking for a specialist in all aspects of Web and brand development.

How long did it take for your company to make money?

It wasn’t long, about four years. As a freelancer, you have to look for your niche, and I believe I found it working for small to mid-size companies. I had some large overheads at times as I looked for new hardware and software, but I always felt confident I would make my company a success.

Is this your dream job?

As an adult, it is my dream job, but when I was a child and teenager, I thought I would make it to the big leagues as a professional baseball player. I still coach baseball as I love working with young people and trying to help them achieve the dreams I left behind. Despite my love of baseball, I do enjoy my work and wouldn’t change it for the world.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment has been becoming a successful freelancer. Each day is different, and your spare-time does not exist, but I believe the effort is worth the rewards. I have seen many of my friends and colleagues fail to last in this business so simply being in business is an accomplishment.

What would you tell your younger self about the future?

Things will get better. When I first set out on this career path, I had many nights when I considered returning to work for a large company, but I felt I had to make a go of being my boss.

Where do you see your industry moving in the future?

There are many different areas I believe are going to be of importance in the technology sector, but Blockchain is a real game changer. Knowing exactly when and where any document or piece of cryptocurrency was developed and purchased will make life far easier for everybody. My career will benefit from this technology as I can work on projects and receive instant feedback from my clients on the work I have completed.

Can you recommend any business books for other entrepreneurs?

As a designer, I enjoyed “Against the Odds” by James Dyson, one of the leaders of late-20th-century design. Reading about the struggles he had to develop and market the bagless vacuum cleaner shows the power of persistence and belief in one’s abilities.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

It is difficult to know what tomorrow will bring as different brands and companies arrive in my office. In five years time, I do hope to have expanded with some employees working from a central office. As technology plays a bigger role in every business sector, the possibilities for expansion are almost limitless.

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