Your Shopify Store Needs More Customers – Here’s How to Attract Them

Selling online has proven to be one of the biggest resources during this whole Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier on, when many physical stores had closed their doors and were in fear, online shops had the opportunity to still operate and score major profits from at-home shoppers. One of the most powerful e-commerce platforms that you can use to launch an online store is Shopify. By using Shopify, you can create a seamless online store in minutes (without any major coding experience) and you can easily accept most major credit card payments in a flash. Sounds easy right… it is. But, there’s a major challenge that not many people are willing to talk about. How are you going to get customers and drive traffic to your new e-commerce shop? In this article, I’m going to talk about how to attract more customers to your online store.

1. Promote on Instagram 

Instagram is a megaphone of sorts for marketing. Simply make a post and add the right hashtags and you’re on your way! Be sure to plug your URL on the top of your your profile page so that people can know where to shop from to purchase your goods or services.
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2. Run Google Ads

If you want to go where the people are, Google is almost always that place. Almost everyone is on Google, searching for something to buy at any given time. Consider paying for Google Ads to help increase your chances of being seen and increased online traffic.

3. Tell Friends and Family

Old fashion word of mouth is still a good option for people who are close to you. Spread the word to your loved ones. Tell them about your website, you never know who’s got your back.

4. Cross-Sell on other Platforms Like Etsy

Etsy is a huge platform for handmade goods. Did you know that many store owners on Etsy also have their own websites that potential customers can buy directly from? If there are multiple opportunities to sell, why not take advantage of each avenue? If you sell on Etsy, be sure to plug your website on your profile so that customers know they can shop with you on your e-commerce store too. Run special sales and offer coupons to help encourage cross-selling on your site.
Implementing these four tips may help bring more customers to your Shopify store. Keep in mind that persistence is a key factor in the growth of any business. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to grow and the possibilities are endless!

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