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I recently conducted this interview via telephone with Djehwti Awsar El owner of Khemwest Communications LLC. I needed to hear that name pronounced :-). The interview was brief and to the point, but never the less a very informative interview. Djehwti is a new type of entrepreneur, being that he is a child of Hip Hop and spirituality. In this day and time, we are definitely seeing a growth spurt in African American business owners raised off of a steady diet of Hip Hop and all of the jewels that it has provided. He is very focused on the company’s direction and has a great sense of humor and a practical wisdom regarding life, business and how it all intertwines. Once we connected on the line, he introduced himself. I got the correct pronunciation of his name, and he proceeded to turn down the music in the background, which sounded like a really cool jazz song… then we began.


Your company, Khemwest Communications LLC is doing a lot of exciting work. Tell our audience about your company and what types of services you provide.
Thank you for reaching out. So yes, we are doing a few things over here. Over all we are a communications company that houses several businesses.

We have a news portal called ‘Khemet West Today’, two internet marketing brands, ‘Mwwrocco Adorn’ and ‘Khemwest Media’. Then there’s ‘Khemwest Broadcasting Network and an online radio station Called ‘Infinite Khemwest 102.5′.

Khemet West Today curates news that is important to the African American Community and more specifically African American women. There is a renaissance going on and Khemet West Today is the brand that records the life and times of today’s African “Moorish” American.

Mwwrocco Adorn’ and ‘Khemwest Media offers marketing services to other micro-businesses where we will do everything from market their products and services to creating video and audio ads for them. Mwwrocco Adorn focuses on clients with fashion brands. Khemwest Media covers a wider range of brands.  Mwwrocco Adorn has produced some dope ads for some young brands like Pharaonic Brand Designs, Kingz Kounty and Ramomar New York to name a few. Khemwest Broadcasting shares and markets video content online. The future of visual/video media is mobile sector. People are watching more content on their phones and tablets. So, we have our flag planted in that arena as well. What we’re doing with KBN is a very new type of business model so; it’s exciting to cultivate it to whatever it grows into.

 I see that you host a radio show online that focuses on the “Golden Era” of Hip Hop. In your opinion, why is internet radio important?

Yes, well we recently upgraded our operation from a podcast format to a 24hour online station the station is called Infinite Khemwest 102.5. My childhood friend, Unique Universal Allah, is actually the host of the show ‘The Golden Era’ but one of the taglines for the station is that we are an urban station that focuses on Hip Hop of the golden Era. I host ‘Music For The Masses’ and ‘Above The Clouds’.

I’d also like to mention the rest of the Ik8 team, Sourface, Celeste Emerald Sky, Luciano, Khepra Ptah host of ‘The Ra Connection’ and co-host of ‘Star Time’. Ptah Seeker Ausares host of ‘Star Time’ and co-host of ‘The Ra Connection’ and DJ Blaze host of ‘Matrix Muzik’.

Now, to answer your question, internet radio is important because traditional radio leaves a whole lot to be desired. Only a few companies own the majority of the traditional radio stations, therefore you only hear certain types of music from certain types of artist. I don’t say that to knock the music that is out there because music must evolve but there are a whole slew of great artist with great records that just don’t get the light of day.

What we want to do is create that lane for all of these great records and artist while packaging the presentation of the station in a very competitive way to these traditional stations. The biggest reason that internet radio is important is because it has finally caught with traditional radio in the business of publishing. During the last 13+ years of the music industry has been a crazy ride for artist and record companies but more for artist. Money was not being made because people weren’t buying music, they were downloading freely lol. Now we have a new business model called music streaming and it seems that their model unfortunately mirrors the old style publishing and royalty deals. We all know about the rift of Taylor Swift and Spotify. Artist like Jay Z and others are buying their own stake in the streaming arena to fight against that very issue.

Internet radio now has its first publishing monitoring and collection house. This means that the digital world of radio now provides a viable avenue for artist to earn publishing revenue. So, at Ik8 we focus on the obvious ins and outs of the business, but we pay special close attention to producing good radio. We want our listeners experience to be seamless in the quality of radio that they experience in their cars to their mobile device, tablet or home computer. This is very important to us because internet radio has developed certain stereotypes and expectations being something like, ‘yea, its radio but…’ lol and in most cases it was and is true. So job one for us is to produce good radio that gets better each year and stamp our mark as to why we are an important business and music content provider that is still very young but moving forward with our eyes and ears wide open.


What’s the most challenging aspect of what you do?

That would be the balancing act maintaining the integrity and essence of what Khemwest is about. We are not in the business of selling spirituality. So the thing was to learn and practice patience and let the business model manifest itself without expectation. I guess it’s kind of funny because what I was learning from my own spiritual journey allowed me to let things take its course, nudging and pushing only when I saw an obvious need to do so.


What inspired you to take part in independent media?

The time is right for media. All businesses are becoming digitized. This atmosphere allows micro-business to make a mark in almost any traditional business arena. We are also in a new age and we are all about this and working with companies that are also into this… and being a startup is always an independent path.
2016 is almost here. What’s next for Khemwest Communications?

Growth is what’s next. We have a lot of room to grow and a whole lot of ears to win over!


Thank you for the interview Djehwti!

Thank you very much!

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