Authors & PublishersStartupsStrategy on Book Publishing Success is changing the face of modern publishing as you know it. Unlike a lot of traditional publishing houses, they actually work with their clients, one on one. Whether you’re looking to publish a book in the future, or you’re an avid reader, this article is for you. Read below, as they detail their simple and comprehensive publishing process.

  1. Q: Your site, is a community publishing house for unknown writers. Tell us about its origins and what inspired you to create this platform.


A: Good question. I guess a lot of it comes down to personal experience. That’s not to say I’ve ever tried to have anything published myself, but a lot of people I know have. And it’s always really stumped me when they get consistently rejected. Some of these people have produced works of such amazing quality and interest that I could only put their lack of success down to one thing: commercial selectiveness. Publishing houses now seem entirely unable to look outside certain rather crass and predictable formulae when it comes to selecting their next ‘literary champions’, and wholly unwilling to take a risk on anything that falls outside current trends. Yonda is different. If we feel that a book is good enough, irrespective of the topic, we’ll provide a forum from which to allow the great online public to make its own decision.


  1. Q: How many works has your company published so far?


A: Numbers have, to date, been modest. We’ve published around 30 ebooks so far (we don’t deal with paper) with a similar number waiting in the wings. Of course, we are a very new venture and have achieved quite a lot in an incredibly short space of time. Especially as we haven’t even had the official launch yet. The works themselves have been so wonderfully varied and interesting. I find it fascinating that there’s so much talent out there that remains unpublished – for whatever reason that might be. Of course, we don’t publish everything that is submitted to us. There is often a lot of work still to be done by the author before we can consider taking it forward. But one thing we are not is dismissive. We’d rather give a bit of solid advice in the hope that the finished product will one day reach us ready for publication, than write it off indefinitely as so many other publishers do. We’re highly aware of what these works mean to their creators, and always take care to treat them with the respect they deserve.


  1. Q: For up and coming writers who may be interested in partnering with Yonda, what’s the process like for getting their work published?


A: It really couldn’t be easier. Send us an email with an expression of interest – preferably with a brief explanation and sample of the work in question. If we like what we see we’ll request the complete file, format it, and get it on the site for digital download with pretty much immediate effect. None of this costs a penny and, as all copyright lies solely with the author, any change of mind he/she may have is entirely binding. We don’t call the shots: the writer does.


  1. Q: Many writers become frustrated about their experiences with traditional publishing houses. What makes Yonda unique?


A: Where to start! To begin with, we’re human beings. We really get what makes our people tick and we’re not about to start spoiling that with banal commentaries and system generated emails. We make a huge effort to work collaboratively with our Scribes rather than dictate terms to them. Our Admin Samurai, most Scribes’ first point of contact, are actually encouraged to fight their clients’ corners first and foremost – even if that means taking on senior management! Another core belief of our business is that every one deserves a shot. Whereas traditional publishing firms struggle to even acknowledge receipt of most manuscripts, we strive to respond positively and productively to all queries. It’s a simple matter of respect, isn’t it? Beyond the receipt stage, as long as the submitted manuscript meets certain standards (Yonda doesn’t typically edit its authors’ works) it will be published. We don’t cherry pick according to what’s considered commercially viable. Every book has a readership, and we’re here to make sure that ever the twain shall meet.


  1. Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect about what you do?


A: Saying to someone who is losing hope – or never had much to start with – that we believe in them, and witnessing the effect that simple admission of faith can have. We might carry out most of our communications by email but, seriously, you can feel those smiles from the other side of cyber-space. Bringing neglected authors from self-publishing seclusion into a forum where they are looked upon as publishing peers rather than poor cousins is at the heart of what we do, and when we make the decision to publish a book it shows the writer exactly how much value and trust we place in their abilities. And that trust thing really is pivotal in this relationship. We’re here to help each other. In a world of cut-throats and rat races, we’ve come to this arrangement where we’re doing something, very collaboratively, to mutual benefit. I just love that.

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