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William Peter Blight, Founder of QRcrazy, on: Technology, Resilience and Using QR Codes to Boost Call-to-Action

QRcrazy is a cutting-edge, QR code generator website. It works by allowing you to create brilliant, scannable codes. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with the founder, William Peter Blight. Read our Q. and A. session to learn more about his take on technology, resilience and how QR codes can help boost your advertising campaigns.

  1. Question: Hello! Please tell us about yourself and / or your company,


QRcrazy is an exciting entry into the QR code market. We pride ourselves on offering the best value QR codes on the internet. We make it easy and fool-proof for businesses and individuals wanting to create dynamic, eye-catching QR codes for events, packaging, business stationery and more. We aim to lead the market with features such as pre-generated border frames and QRcontent icons, saving people time and resources in creating their own QR codes. The standard, free black & white QR codes are available, but with the optional Premium membership customers pay a small fee of $5 per month (no contract) to access the additional options. These extras include handy tools such as the free border frames, QRcontent icons, click-tracking, full color palette and the ability to add a photo or logo to an exclusive QR code. Another plus is that there are no designer fees, as you personally create QR codes that act as impressive calls-to-action for your messages and website links.


  1. Question: Why did you create this company?


The inspiration for QRcrazy stemmed from a growing awareness that this innovative piece of technology was largely ignored by the majority of the population. Not only are people generally unaware of what QR codes are, the uses and benefits of QR codes remained hidden by this general lack of education and misunderstanding of the huge advantages to be gained from their intelligent use. QR codes are for everyone, with uses in business, promotion, advertising, education or just for fun. They are easy to create and incredibly cheap and flexible in the many uses they can be put to. Hence, it became my passion to bring greater recognition to QR codes in every corner of society. A simple mission statement was drawn up and my quest began. It reads like this: ‘Our mission is to introduce and popularize QR codes by offering free and Premium accounts to add fun and interest to QR codes in a unique way. We hope to encourage the use of QR codes in business, commerce, education and your personal life. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.’


  1. Question: For anyone who may not know, please explain what a QR code is.


QR codes are easiest explained as the not-so-well-known little brother of the common Barcode. Barcodes, of course, are commonly used in your local store and just about everywhere else to scan your purchases. Whereas Barcodes are a series of short lines, QR codes are a pattern, or puzzle effect formed inside a square. The most widespread version is the black & white pattern seen on the advertising and packaging of global companies such as McDonalds amongst many others. QR codes can be scanned by the general public with a free QR code reader downloaded from the App store to any smart device. There are also programs available that will allow QR codes to be read on your PC or laptop. Perhaps the best way to understand QR codes is to download a free QR code reader and scan one for yourself. Then, you can think about making your own free QR code by visiting QRcrazy and following the straight-forward way of making one. It’s easier than you think. No special skills are needed. QR codes can be created by anyone and linked to a variety of mediums including: websites, text, social media, contact details and geo-locations. After being downloaded your QR code can be printed off or added anywhere. Once scanned, the content you added when creating your QR code will be shown for anyone to see. When you’ve had your fun, you’ll likely want more and move up to a Premium QR code generator such as the one at where you will be able to let your creative juices flow and produce stunning, colorful QR codes and great calls-to-action to attract attention and gain more clicks.


  1. Question: Your site offers both free and premium QR code options (awesome). What are the benefits of each option?


Free QR codes are, without question, the most popular choice amongst QRcoders. They are free and they do a job. What’s not to like? But there are limitations. Free black & white QR codes are generally static. That means they are not linked to a server so all the information they carry is held on the face of the QR code and cannot be edited in any way. If you are just adding a simple website link and not crowding the free code with information, then they have their uses. Likewise, if you’re not too particular about the appearance of your QR code, then a free version will do just fine. However, at QRcrazy even free QR codes are linked to our server, allowing more information to be entered and retained securely.

When it comes to Premium QR codes the sky is the limit. The Premium option allows the shapes and colors that comprise a QR code to be changed and altered at will. All your information is held on secure servers for the time you hold an account with us – and that’s as much as you feel like adding. Not only can you change shapes and colors, including the background color, but you have the opportunity to add a picture or logo to your QR code. Maybe a free QRcontent icon will be your choice or, best of all, a ready-made frame to show off your QR code and act as an excellent call-to-action. You can also add to that the handy video demo that guides you through the options. There are literally thousands of combinations that you, as the designer, will have at your fingertips. With so many options you are spoilt for choice, but with a Premium account if it all gets too much you can simply start over.

  1. Question: How can QR codes help business owners?


Maybe business owners are the ones to benefit from QR codes more than most. As a conscientious business owner, it would be clever to opt for the Premium variety with all the available options. QR codes can be used to carry your message in all kinds of media. Once the JPEG of your finished QR code is downloaded to your desktop your choices are unlimited. Your QR codes can be used on surfaces as diverse as the sides of vans or desktop stationery. They can be used in hard-copy advertising, on business cards, flyers, posters, packaging, menus, promotional handouts and just about anything else you can think of. The internet would be the next best means of displaying a business QR code. Post or add to your social media accounts, blogs or business sites. The options are endless. They can be added to or edited to promote your latest special offer or display any type of message you want potential customers to know about. You can create a company themed, QR code with your face or logo in the center plus all the discount QR codes you care to make.  The beauty is that your QR codes cost no more than your small monthly subscription. Make as many as you want, with a limit of 50 then simply replace and reuse them. As the cheapest form of advertising, they can be reproduced as many times as you wish across all your media and internet channels at no further cost. You will only ever pay once – no matter how often you use your exclusive QR code. Stay ahead of your competitors and make use of the brilliantly simple QR code technology.


  1. Question: What is one of the biggest challenges that you faced while setting up your business?


For me the most difficult part of founding QRcrazy was engaging a website developer that could work independently and produce quality work whilst at the same time be required to replicate the structure and design that I had spent months creating. It appeared an almost impossible task to find a website developer/designer with a sense of balance when putting together pages that had previously meticulously laid out. Unlike an earlier, simpler website that I had built myself, all the many corrections and alterations had to be paid for as the original developer had neglected to give me the access I had requested in order to do my own changes as they arose. I ended up disillusioned and disappointed by a range of ‘experts’ and only by keeping track of every corner of the website, did I finally arrive at a website I could be proud of.


  1. Question: How did you overcome that challenge?


As stated above, it is an awesome challenge to monitor every step of a complex website hosting a QR generator and PayPal functionality whilst attending to the everyday needs of my primary business – the one that paid the bills. This was only achieved by working long after-work hours and challenging the website developers for every slip, error and exception. I kept up the pressure and refused to accept sub-standard work.  This was very wearisome and took a huge amount of resilience not to crumple in the face of apathetic professionals. However, I was consistent in wearing them down. I returned again and again to a suspect piece of work until it was rectified to my satisfaction. So, my message is to be prepared for more expenses and time taken to complete your website than you bargained for, and to be ready for a frustrating experience that only patience and determination will resolve.


  1. Question: Future goals?

Ans: My goal is to grow QRcrazy into a major player in the QR code world, adhering to my original mission statement to educate and promote the use of QR codes. I hope by making QRcrazy a fun and interesting website to enable a wide section of society to boost their businesses and status with a better understanding of QR codes. If I can gain greater recognition and widespread use of this simple but often neglected technology, I will regard my mission as a success.


William Peter Blight


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