Why Does Your Business Need A Panic Button?

Panic! At the office…

You might be aware of the fact that many years ago, the term panic button referred to a secret button located somewhere in a bank and which can be pressed in the case of emergencies like robbery or any other serious scenario. However, times have changed and panic buttons are being installed almost everywhere especially in businesses as they are faced with security issues or theft quite often which causes them to do so. Because of this, we are bringing you five reasons a business needs a panic button.


  1. Useful for Any Kind.

Whilst thinking about installing a panic button at your office, you have to first analyze the type of business or establishment you’re handling. As a owner, you might already be facing disquietude about certain parts of your business and also the threat of it being faced with theft. Find a security expert who can help you with finding the right places and adjusting to the needs of your company. Different companies or commercial/professional offices may have different scenarios according to the type of company their running and the different risks they have accordingly.


  1. The Number Is Endless.

There is really no specific number of panic buttons you can install in your business. However, different companies differ in the number of buttons according to the size of it. Not only the size factor of the business but you should also take into consideration the location of all the employees in the building. According to where the first employee is located, the panic button must be placed carefully. Warehouses for examples, must have these buttons installed in even the farthest of places so they can be accessed easily. Accordingly, you can customize the panic button placement however you want.


  1. Whether Silent or Noisy.

You can speak with your security expert about this and it differs quite widely according to the business features. For example, in the case of a silent alarm, the authorities can be notified and can arrive which results in the suspect being taken by surprise but unfortunately this can also lead to a hostage scenario. Banks may benefit from this silent alarm as the employees are more in number and are faced with the suspect directly.


  1. Dissatisfied Employees.

The question often arises if these so-called panic buttons would be able to protect the rest of the company if there is a tiff between an employee and probably the head of the company. In the case of smaller companies, the likeliness of an argument made by employees are less as smaller companies are able to form a strong bond for the people working in it over the years. However, if the more the people working increases, the more likeliness there is of dissatisfaction. So, like we mentioned before, having a panic button installed at the first employee’s desk, that is maybe the receptionist, is crucial. Violence could also be created by the company’s ex-employee perhaps maybe they could not handle the shock of being laid off due to some kind of situation they may be going through in their personal or financial lives. This is where the importance of the panic button and its presence comes in.


  1. Cost Worthy Investment.

What many people might not be aware of is that a lot of companies end up purchasing immense amounts of money on high profile security systems but end up being a disappointment as the job is not done almost every time. Where as in the case of panic buttons, they get the job done at a fraction of the price of these other security systems and are useful for any kind of threat that comes the business’s way.

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