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Who Can Benefit from Website Creators? – Interview with Dom Kepska, Managing Owner of Intermedia Global Team (Website Design and Website Creator Services), Based in the UK

Website creators have become very popular in the past few years. Is it a good solution?

If so, for whom?

Building a website takes a lot of time and experience. It is much more than a simple blog you create with your friends. If you need to have merchant services to receive payments from customers, or need your site to be interactive, consider using a website creator.

Website creators can be the best option for someone who’s an artist for example and who has already decided on a particular concept and wants to bring their perfect website to life. Other groups who benefit from creators are small business owners and designers, who naturally value the eye-catching visual presentation of their offer. Web creator offers a lot of ways to arrange and prioritize information on your site, allowing you to follow your vision.

What are the benefits of website creators?

First of all web building programs are created for people who are not computer programmers. They have all the scripts and HTML built into the system so you do not have to write it. Even if you are competent at a few programming languages, a builder will save you time and aggravation.

Designing a website that attracts people requires at least a basic ability in graphic design. Three is a need for a good sense of style.  You need to understand what visually appeals to people in order to keep them on the page and draw more traffic. You want everything to look professional. Most web builders come with graphic abilities. Even if you don’t understand the difference between a JPG and a TGA image, you can still get pictures, graphs and photos onto the website.

The other major benefit is of course the ease of use. Using a web creator gives you the ability to change and upgrade your content easily. No need to write new code every time you need to make a change to the site. In most cases, you can write any text in the “back room” area and it will automatically be posted where and how you want it when you finish. Any images you need to add can be dropped into the area. Using a website creator minimizes errors and keeps things running smoothly.

What kind of websites are best for a good portfolio?

If you are a visual artist, I would definitely recommend a simple, yet elegant design which won’t be distracting the viewer from your artwork. Choose a neutral background without any patterns. As for photographers, opt for templates that enable you to display your photograph as the front page. The first thing that your potential customer will see is your best work displayed full screen. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and showcase your art in a way that will make them think: “Wow, that’s the person I want to commission from”.

Needless to say, turning your artwork into a profitable business is particularly difficult. What kind of advice would you give to beginners?

In today’s day and age, it is essential to make a name for yourself online, especially if you want to pursue an artistic career. Designing an attractive website is one of the first steps, but of course other factors are also important. You definitely have to be patient – don’t expect instant success, and don’t get discouraged if everything goes slowly because you can’t predict when and where someone might notice and appreciate what you do. You can also look up different portfolios of artists who make similar type of art, but remember not to imitate anything you see, only get an idea how others have presented themselves.


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