What to Look for When Choosing a Flexible Office Space in Gateshead

For your business to be successful, you need the right location and the right space. The right location attracts more customers and makes you more known locally and internationally. The right space can accommodate your employees, office equipment, and clients.

Your everyday operations and your brand are affected by the location of your office. Therefore, you need to choose your workspace carefully. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the right place on where to put your business. If you overlook one of these, you might get disappointed in the end.

Factors to Look for When Choosing Office Space

  1. Location

The location is the most important factor that you should consider. If you ever heard the phrase “location, location, location”, it’s trying to tell every business owner that the location is the key to success. If you prefer flexible office space where you will just spend one day a week in it, you can find more information about these kinds of offices on sites such as These flexible office spaces have great views in Gateshead that you will surely love.

You have to choose somewhere where it will not be a hassle for your clients and employees to go to your place. If it’s near bus stops, train stations, or main roads, the better. If you are running a bookstore, you should choose somewhere that is near a university.

Aside from choosing the location, you also need to know if there are nearby gyms and coffee shops. Coffeeshops are convenient for your employees when they take breaks. Offices with bars nearby can make employees celebrate or go into a happy hour on Friday night. Small things can keep your clients and staff happy.

  1. Size

Your employees should have enough room where they can eat, move, arrange their desks, and store their things. This why you should choose a sizeable room for your business. You have to figure out the right space when you are planning on hiring more employees in the future. The area should not be overcrowded.

There are also the meeting rooms, recreation areas, sleeping quarters, and a lot more that you need to consider. You can know more about recreation in this site. If you have 100 or more employees, they should be able to move freely to become more efficient in their work.

If possible, get an office space for several floors. The finance department can be on the second floor while the IT staff are situated on the third floor. Your colleagues, clients, and staff will be able to move freely this way. Do not skimp on floor space.

  1. Internet and Phone Connections

In this modern age, lots of companies need internet connections to send emails or communicate with their clients and staff. You should find out whether the workspace that you will be leasing in has a built-in internet connection or if you still have to install one.

A stable internet connection that does not break down in the middle of a busy day is what your business needs. There are also infrastructures that you need to consider including telephone lines. Although the use of cellular phones makes telephones sound archaic, there are still customers who prefer talking to someone through landlines. Postal services are also important infrastructures that should be included in your office space. Postal services make it easier for you to receive parcels and packages. It is also crucial when there’s a signature needed for documents delivered to your office.

  1. Style


The style will affect your brand as a company. There are things that you should put into consideration. One of the most fantastic branding tools that you can use is your office space. When big companies such as Apple or Google make grand plans to improve their image, why should your company be any different? Learn more about branding your office space here:

Consider other businesses in operation in your area. Make sure that it is in line with the industry that you are in. Make it clear from the start whether you are allowed to make changes or customize your office according to your tastes. You should be proud of the interior of your office that you have no qualms of posting it on your website. When you are required to pay more when you do simple things such as painting the walls or hang pictures of the board of directors, you need to look somewhere else.

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