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What To Look For In Terms Of Employee Benefits When Job Hunting

Unemployment is high at the minute, in part due to Covid. The amount of people looking for work is on the rise but a large portion of people don’t know what to look for they have begun to reassess what they require from their employers.


If you’re looking for a new role and aren’t sure about what you should expect in terms of employee benefits, then keep reading. This article will explore the benefits you should look for and more.


What are Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits (or perks) are additional offerings from your employers that don’t include your salary. Employees are looking for more than just a payslip from their employers or potential employers. An increasing number of employees and job seekers as a whole are looking for the benefits offered when considering applying for a job. Benefits often heavily influence employment decisions, as these entitlements can be the only difference between two very similar job offers, with identical starting salaries.

Why do Companies Offer Them?

At the risk of sounding cynical, employees are not the only ones who benefit from providing benefits. Employers also profit because providing these perks boosts morale for the workforce which usually means that their productivity and output is better. Their staff turnover is usually lower as these offerings help them retain workers as they feel valued and secure in their roles. This isn’t to say that employers don’t value their employees because typically it is the employees that can make or break a business. Benefits are mutually beneficial for the whole organisation from the top to the bottom.

What Benefits Should I Look For?

This will depend entirely on your own needs. Usually, healthcare is the most sought after, employees feel taken care of when healthcare is offered. Some businesses offer extended options so that you can cater this benefit to your own needs. Perhaps healthcare is a necessity for you? Some people favour a retirement and saving package from their employer. Some companies offer a retirement package through salary sacrifice where they take a small percent of your wage and invests it for you to save until your retirement oftentimes these companies match your contribution. Although some people only view this as important when planning to stay with a company for a long time. Do you have dependents? In which case would leave benefits or a flexible schedule be important to you? Do you value progression opportunities? Researching what benefits there are out there and compiling a list of what your priorities are can help you to find the right potential employers.

How do I Know What Benefits are Being Offered?

When applying for jobs most adverts or applications will make some mention of what benefits they offer. For example, if you would like to work from home apply for jobs that offer remote working opportunities. Although, the benefits offered will be discussed with you in more detail if/when your application progresses. If you are offered the job the benefits will often be outlined in your contract, or through a comprehensive benefit package. Some employers offer their perks on an employee benefits platform such as Zest, which is an online benefit platform designed to help employees get the most out of their benefit package. They help workers get the most out of their perks.

Summing Up

Deciding what benefits you would like is a personal thing, it depends entirely on your own values and needs. Whilst some benefits are usually offered as a standard across many companies they aren’t guaranteed and so it is important to be educated on what you are entitled to and what you want. If the benefit you would like is not offered by the company you want to work for there isn’t anything that says that you cannot enquire as to why it isn’t or even try to negotiate for it. Finally, it is paramount that you know and understand your rights in the workplace and so doing some research before starting any job is always a good idea.

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