What it Takes, According to the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery System, to Grow an Online-Only Business

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is a popular training program, which provides a playbook for how online businesses can succeed in the competitive world of dropshipping. Started by 8 figure entrepreneur Kevin Zhang, the course takes the average entrepreneur through the entire process of establishing their own dropshipping business. Dropshipping involves setting up an online store, but instead of purchasing your own inventory, you select products from a larger, often overseas supplier. When a customer orders a product, the order is routed to the overseas supplier who fulfills it on a unit by unit basis, leaving you with no inventory costs ever!

While it may be simple to set up a dropshipping store with Shopify, success is anything but easy. Zhang’s course provides guidance to both beginners and experts alike on how to navigate this complex, fiercely competitive space to build a sustainable brand and lasting wealth.

What it Takes to Succeed as an Online-Only Business

The following sections of the course outline the characteristics of a successful online-only business. They cover tools, tips, and strategies that are both powerful and relatively painless to implement.


Zhang advises would-be business owners to have a clear strategy for success. He guides students through the process of mapping out a vision for their brands, selecting a niche, and properly pricing their products. Without this critical first step, all future work would be misguided and ultimately futile. Zhang’s approach allows for focused progress from day 1.

Business Principles

Aside from strategic advice, the course also provides a crash course in foundational business concepts. From cost of goods sold (cogs) to gross margin to cash flow to cost per customer acquisition, students learn the hard financials that govern every business’ chances of success. Equipped with this knowledge, students are able to make data-driven decisions instead of emotionally charged guesses.

Basic Entrepreneurial Skills

No course would be complete without some discussion of “mindset.” This is an overlooked factor in entrepreneurial success. Zhang hones in on the importance of adopting a “test, test, and re-test” mentality, embracing failure as a means of success, and surrounding oneself with positive teammates. By applying his core principles, fearful, scarcity minded workers can transform into confident, resilient entrepreneurs.

Technical Know-How

Mindset, financial knowledge, and strategic vision will mean nothing without technical competence, but not to worry, Zhang again overdelivers. He breaks down how to use each service/software/tool required for eCommerce success in a clear manner. Need help with Photoshop? Not to worry, there’s plenty of lessons on how to create banners and ads. Confused with Shopify? You’re covered by the library of tutorials. Facebook ad manager freaking you out? This is beginning to get repetitive, but yeah–you’re covered by hours of over the shoulder lessons.

Zhang’s “no stone left unturned approach” is unprecedented in an industry famous for turning out half-baked courses that lack a comprehensive, nuanced approach to digital skill building.


A business can offer the greatest products on the web, but if it’s advertising strategy is weak then the brand will never succeed. Zhang ensures that this is never a fear his students have to experience, by overdelivering on the paid advertising section of his course. Not only does he explain the theory behind Facebook’s famously opaque algorithm, he also provides walkthroughs of exactly how he structures each of his campaigns. Notably, he shares the same scaling techniques that allowed his eCommerce businesses to achieve 7 figures in sales within their first year of operation.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing is lightly covered in the overall strategy section of the course, but Zhang also allocates dedicated course time to discuss pricing strategy. Whether it’s market based pricing or pricing to generate a competitive advantage, Zhang breaks down exactly what you need to know to secure both attractive margins (~20 – 25%) AND keep customers happy. He also describes how to properly execute sales to generate consumer demand, increase cashflow, and attract new buyers to the store.

Excellent Web Design

Even the most well researched eCommerce store will fail if design is neglected. Having a modern, seamless, easy-to-navigate website is table stakes in today’s digital economy. Poorly organized collections, broken navigation links, and off putting color schemes can cripple the success of an otherwise viable store. Recognizing the importance of clean, functional design, Zhang includes lesson after lesson, detailing everything from minute changes to page structure to global recommendations for logos and color schemes. In fact, eCommerce Millionaire Mastery includes 47 dedicated lessons in Shopify web design leaving entrepreneurs with no excuse for a sloppy final product.

Working on Your Brand

Proper branding can make the difference between indifferent customers and a rabid fanbase. Zhang teaches students how to set their brands apart and incorporate natural, seamless branding, to help customers relate to your company. Zhang cares so much about branding that each student in his course is provided with a free, professional logo for their store–an industry first!

Customer Service

Kevin’s philosophy is that customers should receive excellent treatment throughout all stages of their purchase cycle: from checkout to shipping to servicing (if applicable). He offers practical tips for establishing “bulletproof” customer service that operates with efficiency and professionalism.

Regulatory Concerns

The course also includes a module called “keeping your business alive and out of trouble.” This module addresses legal compliance related topics such as taxation, IP infringement, and FTC merchant regulations.

Automation: The Final Goal

Zhang’s final module is meant to help the now-successful entrepreneur transition their site to autopilot. From contracting a dedicated supplier, 3rd party logistics provider, 24/7 customer support team, and much more, Kevin offers students the realistic possibility of having a business that practically “runs itself.”

Investing in Yourself

Overall, we are incredibly impressed with the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery program and encourage anyone considering registering to consider whether they are content working for a large corporation and muddling through life as part of the status quo. Anyone who answers “no” should seriously consider investing in an eCommerce education.

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