Trent Stonehouse on How Zasterr Helps Video Game Live Streamers Earn Money

In the past decade, video game live streaming has become a leading profession for video gamers all over the world. However, many aspiring pro live streamers face an uphill battle of both growing the viewership of their channels, as well as catching the attention of sponsors.  

Recently, we sat down with Trent Stonehouse, Co-founder of Zasterr, to discuss how his free advertising tool helps gamers monetize their live streams. Read our interview, to learn more about this innovative solution.

Trent Stonehouse
Zasterr Co-founder, Trent Stonehouse


  1. Can you tell us about your company, Zasterr?  What makes it unique? 

My name is Trent Stonehouse and my business partner is Mike Mendoza. We are the founders of Zasterr. Zasterr is a free, monetization tool for live streamers. What makes our tool so unique is that Zasterr works universally across all live stream platforms. You can be a streamer on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, DLive, Facebook, and many more. Earning money via live streaming is not an easy task, as they are dependent on their viewers’ donations and subscriptions to their channel. In addition, Zasterr is a perfect tool for content creators of any size to earn a source of revenue. A live streamer’s viewers can support them via watching Zasterr ads that are relevant to them. It’s genuinely something so beneficial to a live streamer and it’s about time the industry had a tool like Zasterr made available.

Co-founder Mike Mendoza
Zasterr Co-founder, Mike Mendoza
  1. Your motto is “For Streamers, By Streamers”. Give us a brief background on how you got started in the online gaming world.

I used to be a very popular Guild Wars 2 YouTuber by the name TapDatMouse. I eventually started live streaming on around 2012. I’ve built an incredible community, played in major tournaments, and networked with some of the largest live streamers to date. I’ve  experienced all the highest highs and lowest lows of a live streamer, and with that, I quickly became an expert in the industry. Zasterr was created with the knowledge, respect, and the sense of value of a live streamer in mind. There was no better motto than “For Streamers, By Streamers”.

  1. Zasterr is open to non-sponsored streamers.  What was the motivation behind such a radical decision?

Here at Zasterr, our team acknowledges that every streamer has value, influence, and reach. Being a live streamer is not a simple task. Content creators are faced with the endeavor of putting themselves out there, rejection, and building a community from the ground up. For a streamer to be successful, they are required to devote a tremendous amount of time. With that said, Zasterr supports all live streamers for their efforts with a source of revenue. I truly wish Zasterr was around when I was heavily pursuing live streaming, I never would have stopped!

  1. We’ve all witness the Tfue and FaZe Clan debacle unfold recently.  What are your thoughts on this?

The Tfue and Faze Clan situation is interesting and something I believe everyone can learn from. I think doing business with a friend is a very challenging aspect. It’s sad to see such a great relationship between FaZe Banks and Tfue dissipate. The true lesson for other live streamers to take from this, is to fully understand a contract before you sign. One of the great things about Zasterr is that we do not require you to sign a contract, or ask anything from you. We made it easy!

Zasterr Logo

  1. Based on the successes of your top streamers, are there any tips you can share on how users can increase performance using your service?

Our top streamers have made upwards of $90 – $100 USD in a single day. To earn the most with Zasterr, we  encourage our network of live streamers to frequently:

  • Share your unique Zasterr link with your viewers
  • Create a chat command for your viewers to retrieve your link at any time
  • Advertise the Zasterr logo on your broadcast
  • Have a panel/banner directing viewers to your unique link
  • Talk about Zasterr with your viewers and remind them click on your unique link to watch an ad


  1.  You recently launched your service a little over a month ago (Congrats!).  Can you give us a snapshot on how it has been perceived so far?

Thank you so much! We launched Zasterr April 1, 2019 to the public, and in such a short period of time we’ve experienced a roller coaster of emotions. We’ve been introduced to amazing people, recently partnered with some of the biggest companies in the industry we never thought possible, and have received a handful of incredible opportunities. Live streamers have loved our free monetization tool; thus far, I must say it seems that Zasterr has been perceived very well.

  1. Where would you like to see Zasterr in the next 18 months?

In the next 18 months, we have goals of having over 40,000 active live streamers using Zasterr. I personally would be ecstatic if we could be working with a company called Streamlabs by then! I’m waking up every day like I’m on a mission and staying hungry to make those goals happen.

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