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Travel Deal Website Aims to Improve User’s Booking Experience

Traveling season is in the air, and booking your next adventure should be simple and easy. In my latest interview, I had the opportunity to talk with Vipin Vettickal of Snag Out, the online travel deal locator that is making a splash in the travel industry.

Q: Can you tell us about your business, and the services you currently provide?

A: Our website is a hotel and flight deal locator that searches and compares pricing between all of the major travel websites. Our service contains no markups or fees and is completely free.


  1. Q: Describe a typical user experience for your website. What can a potential client expect from using Snag Out?

A: Visiting our site and finding deals are very simple. Once a visitor logs on to our site, they can simply enter data into either our hotel or flight search box. After you fill in the information specific to the trip you are planning and click search, our applications conduct a search and deliver results on the best hotels and flights that fit the criteria you are looking for.


  1. Q: What are the advantages that your business offers over other travel industry search engines?

A: We are a traveler-oriented company. Many mainstream well-recognized online travel deal sites have affiliations with specific airlines and hotel groups. These relationships can cause a conflict of interest that often make finding great travel deals difficult for consumers. takes the snag out of finding great deals. Our service is 100% free; we do not have any unnecessary hidden fees in our platform.


  1. Q: Your website is available in over 3-dozen languages and supports multiple currencies. Why was this feature important for you to have?

A: Although our company is based in the United States, we host thousands of visitors from all over the world. The ability to present travel deals to a diverse clientele is extremely important. Providing the convenience of our guests to travel smoothly from say, Hyderabad to St. Lucia and obtain a visa smoothly is very important to us.


  1. Q: What other platforms do you incorporate to market your services?

A: We are committed to growing our Facebook community. Right now, we are in the midst of our Annual Summer Sale where customers can save up to 30% when booking from SnagOut.


Vipin Vettickal


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