Top Recruitment Tips

Recruiting the right people is essential to your success. However, the entire process can not only be incredibly time consuming, but it can be very complicated, as well. Luckily, there are many ways in order to make the process much easier, more streamlined, and cheaper.

Below, we will be going over some of the top recruitment tips that you should look to utilize in your recruiting process.

Top Recruitment Tips:


  1. Use Job Boards.

An article in which Irene McConnell talks about the future of recruitment discusses how job boards have become incredible tools that business owners and HR departments can leverage. While job boards might take some time to get used to, they can really help once you get the hang of things.

If you are using general job boards, you are likely going to have to sort through a lot of unqualified candidates. However, there are specialist job boards that can prove to be very useful in finding some excellent candidates with all of the qualifications that you are looking for.

Typically, you will get the best results from the job boards that offer advanced filtering that even help to filter out candidates through their applications. This means that you can save ample time not having to have personnel manually go through each unqualified application.


  1. Proper Interview Planning.

Having preparations for your interviewing process can be key to the success of any recruiting efforts. Without having effective interview planning, you could end up asking the wrong questions, turn off good prospective candidates, and more. Because of this, you should be asking the right qualifying questions to really filter through the list of candidates better. You don’t want to ask general questions as you will likely fill your inbox with unqualified candidates or candidates that might not be fully invested in applying for your open position.

You want to set up your interview as well as possible to help navigate through the swarm of applicants that you have. With your interview, your ultimate goal should be to figure out which candidate is right for the job and which candidate is the optimal fit with the company. Therefore, you should be narrowing down your interview list to around 5 applicants for just about any position.

By sticking to these parameters, you should be able to have a thorough enough interview process which will allow you to have organizational cohesion when it comes to choosing the right candidate to hire. Not only will it help you arrive at the right hiring decision, but it can cut the costs typically associated with a long and drawn out search.


  1. Leverage Technology.

Another big thing that you should be doing throughout the recruiting process is to leverage technology to make it easier and much more affordable to interview and find the right candidates. While you always would prefer face to face meetings, interviews, and interactions, you don’t want to limit your search to candidates that have direct access to interviews. Otherwise, you would miss out on some excellent candidates for the open position.

Nowadays, you can leverage technology in order to find the best candidates regardless of their current locale. By using Skype and other video conferencing technology, you should be able to add additional insight over a simple phone call and really be able to observe visual cues that you wouldn’t get from one.

Not only will it allow for a better interviewing process and the ability to maximize and expand your search, but it can help hiring managers to be able to record the video interviews and sessions for later viewing. This can help your entire organization figure out which candidate is best suited for the job and the fit in the company because everyone involved will be able to include their own input into the hire regardless if they were in the interview session or not.

Overall, there are plenty of tips that you should be looking to utilize in your recruiting process. By implementing some of the tips above in your recruiting process, you will be able to find the right candidates for the job in a much more efficient and effective way.

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