Top 7 Package Label Trends for Startups

Product labeling and packaging helps in sharing relevant information about a product. These packaging and labeling designs keep on evolving from time to time, while others disappear completely. The following are some of the trends in labeling and packaging.

Colorful Minimalism

It makes use of bright colors and a single image. The color should be attractive and one that draws customers’ attention while on the shelves. Colors evoke emotions and can make a customer to buy a product he or she had not planned to purchase. Vibrant and bright colors are catchy and are increasingly displayed on the shelves.

Repeat The Pattern

Designers are choosing gorgeous patterns in labels since they are catchy and dynamic. When a model is repeated wisely, it captures the attention of the customer while it also conveys a strong message. A good pattern should create a perfect identity so that your customers can remember the product even without having to remember its name. It doesn’t have to be bold, playful or repeating.

Make Use of Illustrations As Narratives

Every label has a story behind it and customers like to be associated with labels that are close to them. Labels and packages are now using illustrations as narratives. The style used in labels and packaging must be amazing and one that transfers a customer to a world of fantasy. They help people to make fun and also convey a strong message about a product.


The vintage package is changing every year due to the advancement in technology and the use of new materials. The vintage package brings back some memories of the earlier generations while it also resonates through time. It makes the younger people have an experience of the past. Balance when using vintage designs so that to incorporate people of all generations.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Ensure that whatever package you choose is eco-friendly and biodegradable. The package will save on cost if it can be recycled and at the same time, have a positive effect on the environment. Designers are becoming more creative by designing green and environment-friendly packaging. It is a win-win situation by coming up with attractive packages that is eco-friendly.

Custom Lettering

Commonly, every designer wants to create a new design from a scratch. This is why most designers are preferring to use customer lettering so that a brand can stand out from the rest. It gives a product a unique and non-digital look. It also portrays creativity and crafty in the product hence make the customer want to experience the same.

Simple and Clear Look

Designers prefer to use compelling labels rather than exaggerated ones. A good label and design should put a point across and also elevate a product. In today’s world, shoppers are taking time to study a product label. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you remain relevant and help customers make informed choices on a product to purchase. When the label and the package are simple and clear, it makes the product attractive and stands out from other products.

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