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Top 5 Rose Gold Luxury Writing Pens for Women Under $10

Whether you are writing a killer business plan for your startup, or your next big novel, doing it in style is an essential component to helping you get in the right groove. There are literally thousands of pens on today’s market. Below is our list of top 5 rose gold luxury writing pens for women under $10. These utensils have all of the lavish rose gold appearance at an unbeatable, affordable cost.


1. LONGKEY 3PCS Diamond Pens Big Crystal Diamond Ballpoint Pens

Price:  $7.99

These ultra luxurious pens come in a set of 3 and include 3 refills so that you can use them on multiple occasions. LONGKEY 3PCS Diamond Pens feature a solid and polka dot designs which are both chic and modern. The rose gold accents and crystal at the top adds the perfect touch of royalty! Get excited with this amazing set of girly pens and take your business writing production to the next level.


2. BYSOU 4 Pcs Rose Gold Bling Liquid Sand Pens

Price: $8.99

If you are looking for for something super glittery and posh, this is it! BYSOU 4 Pcs Rose Gold Pensare filled with liquid and a sparkly “sand” that is sure to make a splash with any business venture! Use it for writing on your vision board or jotting down your next big move in your planner. Just the look of these pens are sure to bring a little happiness your way!

Rose Gold Gel

3. Rose Gold Pens, Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens

Price: $9.99

Perfect for writers! This set includes a total of 3 girly pens. Keep one and give a few away to your friends. These posh pens for women are great to use to write your poems or business plans down. The crystals and the deluxe gel ink are a nice touch as well.

Rutich Pen

4. RUTICH Hollow Round Signing Pen

Price: $8.88

The RUTICH Hollow Round Pen is ideal for any event where you or your guests would be signing paperwork. This would be perfect for business events with a guest book! You could also use it for signing contracts, such as closing on property, or hiring new staff. This pen really makes a great first impression that your business is serious and cares about its image!


5. Rose Gold Ballpoint Pens Black Medium Ball Point 1.0mm 

Give the gift of golden luxury to yourself or a friend! When it comes to pens for women, these Rose Gold Ballpoint Pens 4 Pack with 4 Refills are great for work or play.  They are sleek and minimal and give you that ritzy feel without overdoing it. Take them to business meetings to show that you mean business and impress your counterparts!

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