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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Employees Might Sue You

While most bosses – employee relationships are neutral or great, there may be cases where employees feel the need to lash out and sue their boss. The law isn’t completely known to them, but these employees want justice and can go quite the extent. As a boss, it may be important to know as to why an employee may potentially want to go to court against you in the future. These could prove vital as one little statement or mistake towards your employee could be disastrous. Here are the top 5 reasons why this could happen to you, as a boss:

  1. Feeling Dehumanized

The top reason for employees suing their bosses is because their employer seems to have absolutely no respect for their employees. We’ve all been created equal, and most of us can’t stand to be mistreated, especially in the work place. It could be true that some employees feel overworked and miserable, and are in need of a short break. There may be some who are extremely hard working but get unfair cuts in pay, poor performance reviews and such. Thus the only thing to take back from here is to treat them with respect- do keep in mind that they’re basically helping you make your revenue!


  1. Harassment

While it may not be evident, even the smallest of discriminative jokes no matter how harmless it may seem, could be troublesome for an employee. One may unintentionally offend someone based on their ethnicity, race, religion or sexual preference. It could also be misunderstood as harassment. This does affect employees gravely and is one of the contributing factors to them reacting with such circumstance. This could also be termed as discrimination, especially if one is denied a raise or has their pay cut without notice or legitimate reason.


  1. Wage Problems / Hour Issues

Employees are hired to raise revenue for the company, but if the same company is unable to pay their employees what they rightfully are owed, this could be a problem for the employers. In many cases the owner’s greed is at fault, where employees are overworked but given less wage. This is a clear violation of the law, for which employees could definitely sue. Some companies go beyond the maximum working hour norm but still pay their employees the minimum wage. Do make sure that when employees are overworked, they get the needed rest and that they are paid well. A clear set of rules should be followed in cases where an employee wishes to work overtime for those extra needed bucks.


  1. Unlawful Termination

While some states allow termination of an employee for no reason at all, it is unlawful in cases of discrimination and harassment which can be proven. A litigation lawyer can help you here and also, there are laws for how long before the last working day, a notice should be given and what are the dues to be paid to the employee. If these conditions aren’t met by the employer, they could be sued.


  1. Retaliation

While standing up against your employer on some wrong doing on his part, is completely valid- it could get you unlawfully terminated or get discriminated / bullied at. This, called workplace retaliation is also one of the most common forms workplace court cases. Retaliating towards a boss is not always a good idea, but if it had to be done and if the employee now feels mistreated because of it, he could simply sue under the tag ‘retaliation’. There are lots of instances where women stand up for their fellow women co-workers and are then themselves harassed in the work place.


Here are just a few of the many reasons why your employees may sue you. Two things to keep in mind here are- always respect them with utmost sincerity (a healthy workplace will flourish only if every single one of them are happy and satisfied), and keep a litigation lawyer around!

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