Top 5 Part Time Courier Jobs

The top 5 Part time courier jobs that are in demand offer competitive salaries and many perks other jobs can’t.  They are part of the new ‘On Demand “ economy that is transforming the way we live, spend money, shop and even eat. Technology providers are also getting in on the growing market with a range of delivery apps available.  These apps make delivery of fast food and other popular courier items fast and efficient. 

  1. The number one part time job for couriers is in the supermarket delivery service. The jobs are low stress and provide you freedom to roam. Places like Ocado, Asda, Sansbury and Waitrose are offering part time delivery couriers some of the highest per hour rates in the business. The vans used for the delivery of food are already packed with the orders for the day so all that is necessary is you the driver to take the order to the customer. 
  2. The second most popular courier business to be in is the retailer. As most suspect Amazon is number one in this category, but their delivery drivers while busy are not the highest paid. Argos, Habitat and Fenwick are a few retailers that directly hire drivers to deliver items online shoppers have purchased.
  3. The independent courier is the one that offers the most freedom on the road and you get to pick your own hours.  You also have to find the companies that need your services. Amazon is one of the largest employers of independent couriers at this time. There are even specials where they help set people up as couriers so they can work for them in an efficient manner. 
  4. Fast food delivery couriers is one of the fastest growing areas in the delivery service business sector. Both cyclist and motor drivers are used this is sector. It is true that pizza places like Pizza Hut and Dominos have had delivery for decades, but now McDonalds, Nando’s,  KFC and many others are now joining in the ‘On Demand’ delivery of their food to their customers. This is perfect for a part time courier since the busiest hours are during meal times and late night while the rest of the day and night is generally slow so you will not be working in off rush hour time slots.
  5. The newest area of the ‘On Demand’ economy is the delivery of alcohol. The company offering this service is called Drizly, but it is the liquor stores that employ the couriers. These drivers only deliver beer, liquor and wine, nothing else. 

The new ‘On Demand’ economy is changing the lives of nearly everyone. By jumping in and becoming a part of it with one of these top 5 Part time courier jobs you too can reap the financial benefits of it by filling your time off from your regular job with one or more of these opportunities. 

With the freedom to choose your hours the facts still remain the same, the more you work, the more money you will make. 

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