Tips to help you choose the right office desk

For many people – including us – the office is the closest thing to a second home that we can describe. It is where you spend most of your day, it is where you perform your daily tasks, and is where you live any time you are away from home (except if you are travelling). It is also where you spend plenty of time with co-workers, and your personal life can also bleed through your work life.

Because of these reasons, the least you can do is to make your office space as hospitable as possible to enhance your work life and improve your productivity. That is through a variety of ways, but chief among them is getting the right furniture to help you ease up when doing your work projects and daily tasks. A loss of the right furniture, and you are looking at lost profits and health issues.

The problem though is that CEOs fail to realize how important it is to have the right furniture at the workplace, instead focusing on getting the best deals for valuable office supplies. While that is great because it increases the resources available to help employees do their jobs, comfortable seats and tables go a long way to increasing staff comfort and ensuring they can do their job properly.

Office desks play a major part in this, because they are used the most frequently in an office. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you are looking for the right desk.

Know how you will use the desk space

If you are primarily using the desk for computer work, then choose a workstation or desk specifically for computer use. Ensure the desk offers ample space to hold the CPU if you are using a desktop, and search for a desk that has in-built channels or wiring holes to aid in electrical connections as a bonus. This will help keep cords out of the way.

If the purpose of the desk is for paperwork or for your home office, then choose one that has the biggest space possible to allow for accommodation of piles of papers, bulky books, and spreadsheets. In addition, consider one that has some overhead cabinet space or shelves to store the files. If the desk is for combined paperwork and computer work, then a U-shaped or L-shaped model allows for meeting and work space.

Consider your work tools and habits

Ask yourself your typical working habits when choosing a desk. For instance, if you are a creative, messy type, then you will require more work space, compared to the frugal types. A neat person will work well with a smaller desk space. The size and amount of tools you use you require on the job within easy reach should also be a major consideration when you are choosing a desk.

Space and ergonomics

The desk should be large enough to provide some leg clearance and enhance your posture while working – so most users will find that a comfortable desk height is either 29 or 30 inches from the floor.

When you sit behind the desk, you must have a space measurement of at least 3.5 feet. In addition to this you need to have at least 3 feet of space between the desk and other office furniture, such as your seat, or a client seat.

If you are using a computer, then the keyboard must remain at a comfortable height – not just the monitor. A traditional desk may position the keyboard too low or too high, which leads to muscle strain when you use it. If you can adjust the table height, it is even better. Moreover, the desk needs to be large enough to accommodate a mouse if you are using a computer.


The most durable choice is steel or metal, making them a better option if the office is in a high-traffic area. For an elegant option, choose veneer or wood, though these may not work much in terms of durability as much as the other options.

Final thoughts

When looking at the variety of desks today, it is no longer as simple as the desks of years past. There are numerous choices available, so take the time to see which one works best for you.

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