Tips For Writing the Perfect Resume on Your Own

If you want to the land the job of your dreams, you need to leave a great first impression by providing a decent resume.

You need a high-performance resume, but if you aren’t sure how to prepare the best resume possible? Follow these effective tips and you cannot go wrong!

Add an Address If You Truly Need It

Many job seekers believe they need to include their address on their resume. While it is fine to have your address on your resume if you are applying for local jobs, you might want to keep it off the resume if you are looking for positions in other cities and states. Recruiters might not choose to move forward with an interview if they see that you currently live quite the distance away from the job site. If it is a job you would be willing to relocate for, avoid putting your address on the resume.

Include Important Names When Applicable

If you have worked with some of the leading names in different industries, do not be shy! You should always include this information in your resume because it is going to look good to a recruiter. Not only does it look good for you, but it gets the attention of the recruiter and makes him or her more interested in setting up an interview with you.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Check out performance reviews that you have received from previous employers to find out more about your own strengths. People often have a difficult time describing their strengths on a resume, but you can easily pinpoint exactly what you are good at by going over the performance review and seeing a list of your accomplishments right in front of you. It is not a bad thing to include some of the positive feedback you have received from previous employers, too. It makes your resume more unique and lets the recruiter know what others think about you and your performance.

Add the Right Keywords to Your Resume

You should use the right keywords in your resume that would match with the specific job you are applying for. You want the recruiter to tell that you have the skills and education required to get hired for such a position. Many recruiters rely heavily on software that shows them if certain keywords are present in a resume. While you do want to make sure you are including the right keywords in your resume, you should never stuff your resume with tons of keywords because it becomes obvious to the recruiter and it looks bad!

Include a Professional Email Address

Think wisely when including your email address on your resume. Instead of using your old email address, such as, you should create an email address that is professional. Most people will use a combination of their first and last names when creating a professional email address to use for work-related purposes.

Include Only the Most Important Skills You Possess

It is understandable for you to want your skills list to look long and impressive. However, there is no need to include basic skills that most people will have, such as experience using Microsoft Word. You should use the skills section of your resume to provide details on the most important skills you currently possess. These should be skills that would help you do the job you are applying for while setting you apart from other applicants.

Add Links to Your Social Accounts

It is common for people to include links to their accounts on different social media sites directly on their resume. While you can do this, you need to do so wisely. Avoid linking to social media sites that you use to connect with friends and family. You should only link to the social sites that you use for work-related purposes, such as LinkedIn.

Follow these tips and you cannot go wrong. It is easier than you might think to create an impressive resume!

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