Tips for a Car Repair Startup

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Have you ever thought about starting an auto repair business? If you love working on our car, this may be your calling. However, the automobile industry is changing rapidly and in addition to a passion for cars, you need to have the necessary skills and expertise in order to be successful.


Auto repair business owners need to know more than just how to fix cars. Recycling oil is a common practice used to preserve the environment. New cars are being built that run on multiple power sources and need to maintain certain emission levels to preserve outdoor air quality. These are services in demand and must be taught to employees.


Step 1


Get trained. Certification by a reputable accreditation agency can be used as a viable marketing tool. This is a benefit for you and your customers.


Step 2


Visit the nonprofit National Automative Service Task Force website. This agency provides information and resources for automotive professionals, including news and trends, relating to tools, equipment, car manufacturers and the auto service industry.


Step 3


Visit the EPA OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) website. This agency can help diagnose problems with an automobile’s engine or emission controls.


Step 4


Visit the EPA Wastes Resource Conversation web page in the Common Wastes and Materials section for information about how to manage used oil. You can promote your auto repair service as one that collects and recycles used oil. This shows you business is environmentally aware, which is important to socially conscious consumers.


Step 5


Create a business plan. Make sure to pay close attention to the financial section of the plan. You will need to secure a commercial location for this type of business. All of the startup expenses should be calculated. Seek assistance from a business consultant with experience in the auto repair industry and get their help in creating a realistic business plan.


Step 6

Register your business with your local secretary of state office. Get all of the required permits and licenses to ensure you are legally able to operate a small auto repair business.


Step 7


Consult with a lawyer to determine the types of issues that might arise when operating an auto repair business. You want to remain compliant with all current regulations. Make sure your company service policies are posted in a location where customers can see them and also that you are fully insured for all eventualities. .




Will you be a general auto repair shop, or do you want to specialize, working on a specific brand? You need to know this information in order to choose an appropriate name for your business.

Note: This is a guest post.

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