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You can despise or admire them, but one thing is sure – the bikers cannot remain unnoticed at all. Although they usually seem aggressively and arrogantly, people who devote their bodies and souls to this kind of lifestyle are much more than that rough outward appearance.

A biker without the motorcycle is something we can’t imagine, not even in our craziest dreams, but their style is definitely something we can “take over” even if we are not fans of a fast ride. But being a biker doesn’t mean just to put a leather jacket and boots on; it’s much more than that, as a whole new philosophy of life.

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Look Like a Modern Biker


A biker outfit is a story for itself. It seems that it has not changed for decades. Leather from head to toe, tattoos, chains, and motorcycle boots, along with the unavoidable Harley create a unique picture that every one of us imagines when we mention the bikers.

With more or fewer variations, such as wearing of jeans or accessories like patches (like those from or bandanas around the head, this style is very recognizable. We won’t say that’s one-of-a-kind style, because some pieces of clothing are indispensable, but with the right accessories, you can make unique and captivating outfits for this season.

Although biker style “rules” the streets and runaways, it is definitely not suitable for every occasion. Choose these outfits when you go out with friends or go somewhere in nature, or when you visit some real biker gatherings. A business man with a bandana or a woman who leisurely walks into the office in leather pants and rocket jacket would leave too strong impressions on colleagues or business partners.

Leather for Those Playing Safe

The pieces of clothing made of thick leather primarily have a protective role in the attire of bikers; their aesthetic was not that important back then. This material makes it possible for your body to “breathe,” but also to be protected from the wind in fast driving. Now you understand why most bikers are dressed in leather from head to toe.

If you want to look like a real adventurer, this is an outfit for you. To break the monotony of the black leather (the other colors of this material are more like a punk and rock style), you can use accessories such as bandanas, patches, or chains that hang out of the pockets. Tips for maintaining leather clothes find here.

Ladies, besides before-mentioned items, you can put some heavy jewelry or red lipstick, for an additional dose of sex appeal. Leather pants or leggings, matched with some good jacket, will make your body look damn good. You’ll be a real rockstar, wherever you appear.

During warmer days, instead of a jacket in which you will sweat, a leather vest with many patches, clips, and chains can be a good choice. A seemingly simple piece of clothing will definitely be a star of your outfit. If you have never worn it before, you should dare now. Unevenly cut off sleeves, or some slightly ripped detail will add a dose of rebellion to your appearance.

Denim Is the New Black


If you opt for a slightly calmer variant of this style, instead of the leather pants, you can opt for black, dark blue or gray denim. Even washed and ripped models can be combined well with an ordinary cotton shirt and a black leather jacket. Click here for more information on how to personalize your jacket and create an outstanding piece of clothing. biker patches or stickers will make every combination unique, and make everyone look at you.

As for the model, choose what best suits you and what makes you feel most comfortable. For those who own a bike, recommendations are models with special reinforcement on the knees. Those extra fabrics can look pretty good, although its primary purpose is to keep the pants from ripping.

If you want to stay consistent with a biker look, look for tight models that can be tucked into biker boots. However, you will not make a mistake if you decide that jeans leisurely fall over the boots. For men, that could be models of straight or relaxed cut. Women can decide on jeans with slightly flared legs that can look sexy and stylish (attention: this model won’t flatter to short and curvy women).

Ro(ck)mantic Biker Look

The Cheap Place

You assume that this paragraph is intended for ladies, which they can adapt to their gentle character. Although it looks like something you’d never match before, biker style in a romantic manner can look pretty good. Brave, self-confident women, but also those willing to try something new, will be thrilled with romantic biker style.

It may seem to you that these non-matching outfits would turn the world of fashion upside down. But precisely this combination of contrast makes this style so unusual and incredible. Even the most famous brands decided to pay attention to this joint of seemingly incompatible clothing.

Ladies who want to point out their feminine side, but at the same time, to show their attitude, will opt for a combination of lace and leather. So, a jacket in a rockstar style, custom-made embroideries or biker patches, fitted with a light lace dress or a breezy skirt, will create an additional mystery – whether you are a delicate flower or a tough lady. If you complete your outfit with heavy, leather boots with a noticeable buckle, we already know the answer.

A biker style will never get out of fashion, and it is equally present in men and women. It’s not for everyone, for people of mild character and behavior “by standards.” Real bikers are self-conscious, insidious rebels who don’t accept social norms and do not inosculate with others. They are showing the attitude with their behavior, but also with appearance.

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